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Word Count: 358

Have You Ever Thought About Hiring A Professional Coach?

By now you have heard of coaching for professionals. Coaching is no longer just for athletes and musicians.

But how do you know if and when you should hire a coach?  Here is a quick…

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Word Count: 122



1) Create a coaching contract that essentially says that you have permission to coach the person.

2) Find out what the person's sincere and honest intention is and align your intentions with it.

3) Give the other person the gift of your...

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Word Count: 282

Coach Collaborative Improvement

Use the acronym COACH to help you remember some of the most important coaching behaviors:


Work with team members to identify performance problems, set standards and performance objectives, and develop a plan for improved performance. Remember: All good coaches think in terms of how "we can" solve the problem.


Examine your personal behavior and accept some of the responsibility...

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Word Count: 60

Be on the lookout for coaching moments

Coaching isn't appropriate for every situation. Sometimes, staffers want to work on their own, uninterrupted by the boss.

To spot employees ready for coaching, pay attention to when things aren't going well or when they could use an extra hand on a tough project. That's when they'll be eager to work with you.

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Word Count: 317

Techniques For Handling An Angry Teammate

Sometimes, even on the best teams, emotions can spin out of control. An error occurs. You’re responsible. You apologize. But your teammate flies off the handle. You need to preserve your working relationship with this person. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1.

Do little or nothing. Let your teammate vent. It may be difficult to sit still and take abuse from an angry person, but doing so will allow her to vent some pent-up anger. Remember: Never tell an irate colleague to "calm down" or behave in a certain way. This will only increase her anger.

Step 2.

Play back the...

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Word Count: 299

What Are You Tolerating?

Do you need a coach?

A coach asks questions that inspire the client to evaluate, define, and act. One very important question is:  What are you tolerating? Or What’s draining you? 

Every action you take uses energy.  The things you are tolerating are the actions you’re not taking.  What we tolerate uses energy that could be spent on more positive things. 

What are you tolerating?  To make your list, identify your tolerances in the following areas: relationships, physical environment, well being and money.  Here are some common issues that my clients have brought up:


   I am in a relationship that does not satisfy me

   I dread running into a particular person because we have unfinished business

   I don’t have a...

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Word Count: 233



What is a mentor? According to Greek legend, the goddess Athene liked to come down to earth disguised as a man named "Mentor" so she could advise the young son of Ulysses. (The Greek root "men" means remembering, thinking or counseling; we still use it in words like "mental.") Today, a mentor is an experienced and trusted counselor, anyone who guides and encourages another, especially someone younger.

Mentors come in all shapes and sizes, formal and informal. Usually your mentor is someone who takes a personal interest in your progress, seeing your potential and regarding you as just a bit more capable and talented than you think you are. Not too much more, or you'll dismiss their opinion as unrealistic. Not any less, or you'll have nothing to strive toward.

In my own...

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Word Count: 2554
(this is a very long article. we could split this into an article series for your newsletter).


 John Wooden was the most successful coach in college basketball history, but for him, winning never really was the name of the game. His life, both on and off of the court, has been a lesson in what’s really important.

 At exactly 10 o’clock (right on time) he looked out the window of his condo in Encino and waved me in.

             It was the first time I’d ever carried two tape recorders with me. But I had traveled 2,200 miles and I didn’t want to risk malfunction, didn’t want to miss a word. This, for me, was to be more than a mere magazine interview. This was to be a chance to have a conversation with John Wooden, a man who has lived as profound a life as any I can imagine.

             Greeting me at the door, he looked pretty much the same as he did on TV during all those NCAA tournaments though, at 89, he was moving slowly. It’s said the eyes are windows to the soul; Wooden’s are as blue and welcoming as a spring sky. On our way to the living room, we passed pictures of Abraham Lincoln and Mother Teresa. He was still buttoning his shirt as we walked. For some reason that made me feel at home.

             Coach Wooden, who will turn 90 in October, spoke about the lessons his parents taught him growing up in Indiana. He recalled how all of his savings had been stolen by bank officers on the eve of his wedding. He spoke lovingly of his wife, Nell, who died in 1985 (each month on the 21st he still writes her a love letter, folding it neatly and placing it among a growing stack tied with yellow ribbon atop her pillow). He talked of his children, James and Nancy, and seven grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. He talked about mashed potatoes – how he liked them prepared without a single lump – and fried chicken.

             Then he did a remarkable thing. Just past noon, a photographer arrived to take a portrait. The photographer told Coach Wooden that he would set up a small studio outside and be ready to shoot in half an hour. I looked at my watch. It was 12:12. The photographer left and Coach Wooden and I continued talking. Then, without so much as a glance at his watch or clock, Coach stood up and said:

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Word Count: 238

Why Have A Coach?

What if you could identify your inner motivation to achieve more of your goals more often? 
How would your life be different if you developed a keener sense of purpose? 

A professional coaching relationship creates value through a powerful, highly tuned process of communications and problem-solving that is “co-creative” between coach and client.  It focuses totally on the client’s interests, challenges and goals.  Coaches help you improve performance and enhance the quality of your life.  Great coaching helps you self-coach more effectively, not simply by helping you solve problems; it transforms the way you solve them. Coaching will not simply improve your life; it will transform the way you live.

Clients and coaches achieve more significant results together than either could achieve alone.  While some people hire coaches purely for incremental growth, increased wealth or reformation, great coaching asks transformational questions.  Instead of creating or developing the potential of the person being coached, effective coaching reveals and releases untapped value. 

If you recognize ...

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Word Count: 236

What one thing should our team do to produce a measurable impact on our business?

Renew your focus before you change your actions.  Most teams fall short of potential to produce desired results until everyone is “on the same page”.  To gain clarity of action you need improved clarity of purpose, so begin with strategic thinking and business planning – even if your organization already has a plan.   There is no better “teambuilding” process that will produce desired impact. Does your team share the same goals, as well as understand individual roles?  Really?  How do you know? 

Become a strategic thinking and execution team.  Developing an executable plan that focuses collective actions to produce desired results requires more than just an annual one-day “retreat”.   In effect, many businesses do strategic planning without any sustainable benefit other than a dusty document and to say “we did it”.  That is not what we suggest.  The objective of planning is the establishment of an ongoing planning process as a routine part of teamwork in order to achieve substantially improved performance for the short term and the long term. 

Re-engage your purposeful thinking, planning and action.  Involve an ...

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Word Count: 244

I feel unfulfilled in my job and perhaps I always have.
How can I get from ‘stuck’ to ‘unstuck’ in my career?

You want a fulfilling career – what I call ‘right livelihood’.  First,  shift your focus from what you don’t enjoy to what gives you joy.  When experience doesn’t inform, then trust your gut, do some research and dream a little.

Dream a LOT!  Shift your thinking.  Use your imagination!  This is goal-setting without boundaries. Where do you want to go?  What do you want to do?  To have?  To learn? To become? Who do you want to be with? What values do you want to represent? If you doubled your money, what specifically would you do with it? What else?  Why?  How do you want to feel, physically, emotionally and spiritually?  How do you want to be regarded by others?  Take three weeks and list at least 100 of your dreams and wants.

Think about (feel and envision) past experience that was fulfilling in conjunction with your dream list.  Consider ...

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C112 & PD150

Word Count: 321


Investing in Others as a Mentor

Are you ready, willing and able to mentor others? Are you emotionally and psychologically prepared to invest time and effort in helping another person? Do you have the time, skills and freedom to devote yourself to another person? If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, and you are ready to make a commitment, you may be ready to begin mentoring others.

To mentor is to change a life, if only in small ways. It can be applied to a variety of people, situations and purposes. Mentoring can range from an impromptu, off-the-cuff intervention to an intense long-term relationship.

More and more businesses and government organizations use mentoring as a tool for organizational growth and development, not just for career development. Mentoring is quickly becoming a valuable tool in preparing an organization for competitive challenges and succession planning. However, be ...

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Word Count: 229


Something Is Holding Me Back Professionally.
How can a coach help?

The best coaching “answer” is a question. A good coach asks questions to help you do, be and give your best with the right intention. Consider the following “self-coaching” questions. Maybe it’s time to hire a coach.

How are you driven by what might be possible? What do you really want? What risks are you avoiding? How much of your life is compared to what others expect? What truth lies in others’ perceptions? How do you know? What are you willing to learn or unlearn? If money was not an issue, to what one thing would you dedicate yourself? How would your life be different if you pursued just one important “dream deferred”? What’s stopping you? What if you don’t pursue your dreams? What is important?

Four potential ...

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Word Count: 240


I want life balance and still be able to get ALL the important things done.  Is there hope?

First, define the term balance.  So often, people seeking “balance” end up with a life something like both sides of a scale dragging the ground behind them.  I suggest thinking of work-life balance as a Teeter-Totter, which is certainly possible to balance but is much more fun when it “seesaws” back and forth.  In fact, that is the purpose of a teeter-totter!

My clients become less concerned with balance and more concerned with Purpose and Focus.  Purpose comes from service, and you may have more than one purpose, for each of the vital few key roles you serve in life. When you have done the work necessary to discover your purpose then, ...

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Word Count: 245

Ask the Coach

I often find myself overcommitted. What can I do differently?

“Overcommitted” is an interesting term I hear often. Use of the term and your underlying assumptions may be a problem. The verb “commit” means “to obligate or pledge oneself”, so you may have pledged your time and energy too broadly. You are likely involved in a number of activities and roles at work, at school, in the community, and at home. You probably struggle “finding the time” and energy to keep your obligations. But are you really committed?

Reconsider the concept of commitment. Are you over-committed or are you under-committed? Over-commitment is an oxymoron. Too many “obligations” creates a watering-down effect, so none of them receive your true commitment. How might your problem look differently if you considered that you may really be under-committed to your real priorities? What new solutions does this shift in thinking generate?

If you find it difficult to say “no” or have ever used the phrase “I didn’t have time” you may be ...

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Word Count: 736

Developmental Activities


he mentor plays a key role in designing developmental learning experiences for the mentoree.  Often, though, a mentor’s first question is, “How do I design a developmental activity?”  The first step is to identify a need that offers the greatest opportunity for improvement and focus an assignment to address this need.  Secondly, the activity should be one in which the mentoree will learn without becoming discouraged or feel overwhelmed and where the learning environment will be “safe.”  Finally, ensuring an effective means of feedback from the activity is vital to achieving and solidifying the developmental goal of the activity.  The following are a few ideas for developmental activities within five specific realms of employee experience.


-         Style – Encourage mentorees to solicit feedback after meetings from trusted colleagues as to how their communication style is perceived by others.

-         Listening Skills – Practice listening skills by having the mentoree listen to someone explain an issue and then

-         Recite the major points of the argument to that person in order to see if they have captured the main purpose of the discussion.

-         Writing – Have the mentoree draft an internal memorandum and evaluate the writing style and tone in terms of company expectations and effectiveness of the communiqué.  Provide feedback.

-         Presentations/Briefing – Provide feedback after a presentation has been delivered.  Ask for feedback from others who also received the brief.


-         Problem Solving – Encourage the mentoree to tackle a problem ...

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C117 & PD153

Word Count: 660

Embracing Change and Managing a Smooth Transition

By Alison Sfreddo


veryone of us at one time or another has had a moment in our careers (or our lives for that matter) when we have asked ourselves the uncomfortable question, “How much longer can I continue to do what I am doing”.  It is an uncomfortable question as it begins the process of moving out of our current comfort zone to a place in our lives that appears to be of great uncertainty.

Change of any kind or at any level can be a daunting process, but a necessary one for personal and professional growth and development.  Although it is often times easier to just “stay put”, it is far more rewarding to move forward.  Dr. William Bridges, author of Managing Change and Transition, outlines the change process by illustrating the three phases of change as well as what to expect from these phases and what is needed to successfully move through them:

Phase 1:  The first phase of change is what Bridges’ calls “ending”.  This is basically the recognition that the time has come for us to move on.  It is the process of letting go of old patterns and habits before embracing the future. 

Phase 2:  The second phase of the process is that “transition zone”.  People ...

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Word Count: 216

How Can You Effectively Criticize A Coworker?

One way is to create the perception of a common goal. This is where choosing the right words helps. It’s using a cooperative vocabulary. Instead of saying, “Unless you get moving fast on those statistics, I’m not going to be able to get this report done on time,” try emphasizing the common goal: “We could get our report done quickly if you firm up the statistical data while I enter the text.” Use words like we and our.

The second way is to show how a peer’s performance affects both of you. So instead of saying, “Get to the meeting on time,” try something like, “Look, when you’re late, it makes you look bad, it makes me look bad, and we don’t get the next project. If we’re both on time, we do.” Now you’ve made a permissible criticism. You’re saying, it is my business, because it affects my job.

A third tactic is to ...

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Word Count: 531

The Benefits of Employee Coaching
By Mary Massad
Everyone's heard the old saying, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." In a fast-paced work environment, where the focus is on getting a product out the door or resolving customer issues, the same attitude is usually taken about coaching. Coaching is often viewed as necessary only when employee performance is unbearably poor or when employees are so discouraged they leave. For entrepreneurs, who often have smaller staffs and budgets, coaching may also seem like an unnecessary expense.

Among these misperceptions about coaching, you may also be a business owner who thinks you're too busy with your own work to spend extra time training, communicating or boosting employee morale, but consider this: Your leadership can help create motivated, productive employees. These high-performance employees will, in turn, lighten your workload. And while you're at it, also consider the benefits of formal and informal employee development tools, such as monthly, quarterly or annual performance appraisals and planned performance improvement sessions which are used by highly successful companies to bring out the best in their employees.

Before developing and implementing new coaching methods ...

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C120 / PD163

Word Count: 1092

What Does It Take To Be A Winner?

What separates those who achieve spectacular results from those who produce mediocre or average results? Success cannot be attributed to gender, upbringing, privilege, environment, luck, credentials, genetics, intelligence level, age, or experience.

Five major characteristics distinguish super-achievers from average producers.


Winners control their desires and appetites. They control their emotions. They control their time. The most successful people I know are very serious about their schedule. They understand that time is more valuable than money. They set aside time to study, time to read, and time to plan. How many of us have said, “When things calm down and I get my feet on the ground, I’ll do some planning”? How about putting planning time ahead of busy time? It takes real discipline. It’s certainly easier not to. Winners know the value of practice. Practice, you say? Yes! If you’re in sales, you make presentations, right? If you’re in management, you probably ...

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C121 / L169

Word Count: 313


"Do You Need To Enhance Your Leadership Skills?"

Executive coaching is a powerful way to develop leadership skills and to help drive successful outcomes. Companies are investing in executive coaching opportunities at a rate of about $1 billion annually and growing at a rate of about 40% per year for one-on-one help for increased performance.

Executive coaching helps create awareness, improve performance, generate action, facilitate learning and growth, and helps develop sustainable attitudes, skills, and behaviors for positive results.

It is only effective when the executive realizes that a coach can help them “get where they want to go” and are open to change.

A good coach will help you prioritize your goals, achieve your goals, make better decisions, utilize your potential to its fullest, increase motivation, eliminate obstacles, improve morale, and enhance relationships.

Coaching should be ...

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Word Count: 447

Do YOU Need A Business Coach?

The Importance of Business Coaching

Business coaching is defined as an interaction intended to enhance performance and facilitate change.  It focuses on sound inner judgment and that leads to the best possible outcomes.  Business Coaching has been practiced for years. When you have business coaching in your company, you are opening the door for advancement in the performance of your employees, thus your organization.  Some benefits you will realize by implementing this well known practice of business coaching are:  

1. Employees will perform at their best- When you incorporate business coaching into the employee developmental process, your employees will challenge themselves and seek to perform at a higher level. It is very important in any business to have ...

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Word Count: 549


Want To Sustain Success? Do You Know About Purpose Driven Coaching?

A coach will keep you focused and make sure that you'll find more time to do the crucial things in your life and business. They're specifically trained to eliminate any chances for waste when you're going about marketing and sales activities, and they'll also teach you a thing or two about human resource reorganization that should help you a lot in leveraging your business. Your coach is basically your go-to guy when it comes to creating sustainable processes for producing profitable streams of income.

Profiling the Effectiveness of Purpose-Driven Coaching

Business activity and development often come to a standstill for many reasons.

If you've found a coach who can assist you in sustaining progress, then you better contact him/her as soon as possible. Not only will your designated adviser offer you high-level business advice involving improved employee morale, ways to increase your sales, and enhanced employer-employee relationship, you will also be involved in a system that will allow you to maintain your momentum when it comes to your accrued ...

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C124 / M158

Word Count: 467

Mentoring Your Staff / Employees

What better way is there to improve one’s working skills than to receive instruction from a seasoned senior team member? Mentoring is the perfect way to help your business take a giant leap up the ladder of success by providing this excellent means of personal and professional development.

·    How to begin:  Post interoffice notice that your organization plans to make mentoring available to those who volunteer to participate. Provide detailed information that explains how the program works and appoint a committee to oversee the program and be available to answer any questions participants might have.  Inform both staff members and mentors that each has an advantage by participating. Make it clear that the mentoring process can achieve improved performance and career enrichment. Staff members are able to develop their career goals through mentoring and mentors enjoy the benefit of fresh input and ideas from their charges.

·        Consider the perfect match:  It is important to make good matches between staffer and mentor. Look for compatible personality traits and make sure each couple spends some time together before the final decision is made about who will mentor whom. The efforts will not be as effective if marked incompatibilities exist between your choices. Make sure your choices are conducive to mutual creativity and have similar work habits. Use your ...

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C125 / B216

Word Count: 393


Dressing for Success

by Alison Sfreddo of The Mentoring Connection

So, you have just signed on to the mentoring program, been matched with a mentoring partner and are now looking forward to the unlimited possibilities of networking and new visibility.  Next question, have you looked in the mirror lately? Many people do not realize that their appearance is the first impression that will linger and that first impression is what can give them the edge on the competition.  The simple fact is that if you look sharp you will be perceived as sharp.

In our efforts to achieve the next level of advancement, the ...

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C126-Coaching Top Talent for Successful Growth

Word Count: 472

Coaching Top Talent for Successful GrowthGary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates Customized Marketing Service,

An organization’s top talent holds the greatest promise to facilitate accelerated growth for that company. This group of employees consists of promising individuals who have career experience that stands out in their abilities, talents and commitment. Among them are the managers who have the advantage of broad experience and are being groomed for senior leadership roles. Corporate coaching can be valuable in helping these individuals unleash their potential and take their abilities to new levels.

Contrary to popular belief, corporate coaches are not just glorified business consultants.  Though sometimes mistaken as psychotherapists, the corporate coach does not perform therapy.  Instead, he or she specializes in helping organizations improve their top talent’s managerial performances in a manner that is customized to suit that individual’s specific skill set.

They are called coaches because they coach an organization’s top talent similarly as a sports coach would help a star athlete. They help them ...

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Word Count: 535

Coaching with a Clearly Defined Purpose

Coaching has become a widely accepted business practice in the pursuit of offering positive advice, support, and feedback to whole groups or individuals in order for them to understand the many ways in which they can enhance or improve the overall efficiency and success of their company. Coaching is a wonderful method that you can use in order to acquire a certain work ethic or result that will boost sales, strategies, goal setting, communication, teamwork, employee accountability, leadership, and more. Coaching can be offered in an assortment of ways, which includes large-scale organizational work, group coaching sessions, and one-on-one coaching.

Whenever a company decides to utilize coaching for its staff and crew, it's important for executives and professional coaches to coach with a clearly defined purpose. Coaching sessions that bear vague outcomes & self-improvement messages are a waste of time and money because the overall purpose is unclear.

This type of coaching session is no more useful than a ...

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C128-011216-Your Coaching Check Up. How Are You Doing

Word Count: 170

Your Coaching Check Up. How Are You Doing?


·       Do my team members feel free to ask me questions when they don't understand something?

·       Do each of my team members know exactly what I expect of them in their daily tasks to be successful?

·       Have I noticed great work in each of my team members in some way today?

·       Have I clearly communicated my vision of success to my team?  Do ...

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