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Word Count: 130



f you're selling products via a Web site, you should be certain that you can deliver them in a timely fashion to avoid possible legal action.

The Federal Trade Commission's Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule says that you must….

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Word Count: 80


Don't fall prey to the "oldest spamster trick in the book" - don't use the unsubscribe feature in spam messages (not to be confused with Lists and Ezines). Spam marketers and list providers…

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Word Count: 165

Effective E-Mail Message Tips

Effective e-mail messages begin at the top.

Save time and set a good example for your staff by keeping these tips in mind as you type:

Use short, specific, and concise subject lines to help...

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Word Count: 344

 E-Mail 101

In the wake of the Microsoft anti-trust investigation, e-mail users in businesses around the country have begun to think twice about what they do and don't say in electronic mail messages. If even Bill Gates cannot keep his old messages out of the hands of federal prosecutors, then how can you think that your messages are secure? Apparently, despite the fact that an occasional wrong key-stroke can permanently delete...

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Word Count: 135

How to Market on the Internet

Small business people often ask me how they can advertise their business on the Net. Internet marketing is extremely inexpensive and open to anyone with a computer and on-line access.

Here are a few of the Internet marketing options that people ask about most. Internet...

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Word Count: 177

Make Your Web Site SELL!

Now that web site prices are coming down, with many services offering free web space, it makes sense for almost any business to have a web site.

Unfortunately, many people are finding that their web site doesn't do much for sales. Here are a few important things to remember to make your web site effective:

1. Your web site should clearly communicate...

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Word Count: 368

Just What Is SPAM?


But just what IS Spam? That depends on whom you talk to. Some radicals would insist that all email with marketing content is Spam. But you can get an approximation by defining what is NOT Spam. An email from your friend is not Spam. An email that you asked for is not Spam. An email from someone to whom you gave an open-ended invitation for them to send email to you, based on the quality of their content, is not Spam - unless you have previously withdrawn that invitation. An email from a friend or associate of someone to whom...

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Word Count: 198



n one survey, researchers found half of all big web sites took four to five days to answer email.  Smaller sites are not doing much better in many cases.

I was interested in purchasing a $400 piece of software. I emailed three sites with two brief questions, making it very clear I was ready to buy, NOW! I didn't hear back from any of them.

It isn't that business owners are lazy. Tackling a stack of email isn't much fun for most people. Most of us don't particularly enjoy writing. You can keep up with lots of email fast and easily by using pre-written answers.

Every business answers the same questions over and over. When you type an answer, save it in a file on your computer's desktop. The next time someone...

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Word Count: 94

Help Your Computer Breathe Easier

Your computer stays cool by using a fan to circulate air through the case. In time, the airways can get plugged with dust and other particles, causing your computer to run hotter than normal. Vacuuming the air inlets and outlets periodically is a good idea, and a thorough...

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Word Count: 55

Password Tips

Be careful when choosing passwords, easily guessed passwords can expose you to security risks. Don't use simple dictionary words or your birthday, but rather mix in numbers and even some capital letters. If you have trouble remembering, find a safe place to store a list of your passwords in case you forget one.

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Word Count: 50

Open the Start Menu Mouse-Free
If your keyboard doesn't have a "Windows" key on it, you can quickly open the Start Menu without your mouse by pressing "CTRL+Esc". Then you can use the arrow keys or your mouse to select an option and the Enter key will open that application.

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Word Count: 53

Pin Programs to your Start Menu
Keep your most-used programs handy in XP by "pinning" them to the Start Menu. To do this, locate the program in your "All Programs" list, right-click and choose "Pin to Start menu." This will keep that program available on the main Start Menu and save you mouse-clicks!

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Word Count: 45

Add More Power to Windows XP
Supercharge your desktop by installing the Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP. Get an enhanced calculator, an image resizer, virtual desktops, and more with this collection of utilities that are free, but also unsupported. Click here to visit the site

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Word Count: 83

Reduce Background Programs to Increase Performance
If you feel your computer is getting a little sluggish, check out what programs might be running in the background. The Windows system tray (lower right corner) will identify some programs that auto-load at boot-up, in the hopes of saving you time when running them, but taking up precious resources in the meantime. If you don't need that convenience, many programs can be set not to do so, thereby freeing up your computer to do other things!

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Word Count: 165

Effective E-Mail Message Tips

Effective e-mail messages begin at the top. Save time and set a good example for your staff by keeping these tips in mind as you type:

• Use short, specific, and concise subject lines to help others identify your e-mail message's purpose and importance. They also motivate recipients to read and reply.

• Announce...

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Word Count: 516

Like To Get Traffic In 2 Hours?

Confused? Frustrated? Fed Up? Still waiting for traffic to reach your web site?

I must confess, when they first told me, my heart sank like a lump of lead. The search engines would take weeks to list my site, they said. How on earth would I survive so long… with no customers? Boy, was I worried sick!

Yes, the “regular” search engines do take their time. Then again, they’re free.

Later I was chatting to a student eating lunch in the park.

He said,“Why don’t you just try the pay-per-click search engines? You can get traffic as fast as a couple of hours! Or days at most.”

That saved my hide! It could save yours...

So would you like some traffic… cheap, targeted and without loss? It’s quite easy, really.

Pay-per-click search engines can inject your web site with just the people who are...

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Word Count: 153


It has taken less than a decade for electronic mail to emerge as the heart and soul of corporate communication. Yet while e-mail has made it faster and easier for people to swap words and data, it also has unleashed inbox overload and a seemingly endless stream of spam. Future e-mail systems will attempt to remedy today’s problems--but also add new capabilities.

One possibility is that senders will have to match a predetermined list--either by name, company, or IP (Internet provider) address--or find themselves...

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Word Count: 102

Tech / Computer ideas

Downloading Files

Creating a single directory in which you download files with your browser will simplify the process of finding those files later. Create a directory called "Download" or "Modem" on an easily accessible location, and always download files to that directory. Placing a shortcut to that directory on your desktop makes it even easier to find once the file has arrived.

Reboot, reboot, reboot

If you like to leave your computer on at all times, remember to reboot it at least every two days. Even the most popular operating system develops problems after being on that long.

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Word Count: 57

How Full is Your Inbox?

Do you keep every E-Mail message you receive in your inbox folder? Most E-Mail programs allow you to organize messages into folders, which help you to find them later and it keeps your inbox less cluttered. Some also provide filters which can automatically place messages into folders for unattended sorting.

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Word Count: 95


I wish I would have bookmarked that site!?!
Did you forget to bookmark a site that you would now like to revisit? Add that page to your bookmark file. Open your History list by pressing <ctrl>-H. Select the site you wish to have bookmarked and select File->Add to Bookmarks.


Fast Favorites
Tired of that dialog in IE that asks you each time where you want to put a page in your favorites folder and you always put it in the main folder? Add a web site to your favorites quickly and easily by pressing <ctrl>-D.

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Word Count: 270

First Impressions Count

A recent study reported that 40% of Internet users in the US changed their opinions of brands due to information they gathered online. This data is reinforcement that it's more important than ever to make sure that the image you are portraying online, and especially in your email marketing, is an accurate reflection of your brand. Here are a few areas to consider when analyzing your brand reflection in your email marketing?

Design - Is the overall look of your email messages appealing? Do your email campaigns "look" like they fit with the rest of your marketing material? Do your emails have the appropriate colors, images and format to make a positive impression on your audience? 

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Word Count: 1097

Spam: Where it Came From, and How to Escape It

[By: Beka Ruse]

In 1936, long before the rise of the personal computer, Hormel Foods created SPAM. In 2002, the company will produce it's six billionth can of the processed food product. But that mark was passed long ago in the world of Internet spam.

  • Who Cooked This!? (How did it all start?)
  • Why Does Bad Spam Happen to Good People?
  • Stop The Flood to Your Inbox
  • Stay Off Spammed Lists in the Future
  • Think You're Not a Spammer? Be Sure.
  • The Final Blow

Who Cooked This!? (How did it all start?)

The modern meaning of the word "spam" has nothing to do with spiced ham. In the early 1990's, a skit by British comedy group Monty Python led to the word's common usage. "The SPAM Skit" follows a couple struggling to order dinner from a menu consisting entirely of Hormel's canned ham.

Repetition is key to the skit's hilarity. The actors cram the word "SPAM" into the 2.5 minute skit more than 104 times! This flood prompted Usenet readers to call unwanted newsgroup postings "spam." The name...

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Word Count: 118

Email Marketing CAN Be Profitable

s         Email is the #1 online activity for Americans! (Pew Internet Survey)

s         Out of 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) Internet users worldwide, 90% use email! (PostFuture) 

s         82% of online consumers have made at least one purchase as a result of an email! (PostFuture)

s         People now use email to communicate MORE than the telephone! (Marketing Sherpa) 

s         90% of consumers use email multiple times per day! (DoubleClick)

s         30.1% of people use email for gift ideas! (ReturnPath Survey)

s         40.9% of people comparison shop with email! (ReturnPath Survey)

s         59% of ...

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Word Count: 287

How to put your e-newsletter marketing on auto-pilot

Use an internet based program. We suggest Constant Contact. 

This is an inexpensive and effective program to create and send eye-catching HTML email newsletters, announcements and promotions, in html and text formats, and track email campaign results.

 If you want an HTML e-zine (e-mail newsletter) this is a good, inexpensive program. We can create your newsletter using this program too. Once you sign up for Constant Contact, we can create your customized newsletters right in your Constant Contact account. You have complete control of your newsletter to make any changes, additions, deletions, modifications or monthly introductions.

 Constant Contact has a free 60 day trial.
Click here for the 60 day free trial

Once you have your Constant Contact system set up the next step is to ...

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Word Count: 424

How to get your e-mail newsletters to be read.

First you need to make sure it gets to their "in-box"

 Some keys are the size of the graphics, size of the overall newsletter, content, subject line, and from line.

 All caps in the subject line increases your changes of going into a spam folder. Watch out for words like “Free” and “Sex” in the subject line too.

 If you want additional information sent to you on The Spam Filter Game, send an e-mail to: (Subj: spam filter game)

 The best type of content for your readers.

 Helpful information that helps the reader be better at what they do.

 Keep your content and articles

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Word Count: 257

CanSpam law – Staying Compliant.

 Staying compliant with the CanSpam law is very important. Fines can be very substantial for an offense. Of course legitimate marketers attempt to do most things correctly; however, I have noticed that many marketers are missing some key elements to keep them compliant.

To read the entire CanSpam law, click on the link below.

Here’s the “cliff” notes version of what will keep you compliant.

  1. You must have permission to e-mail a person and have obtained their e-mail address legitimately.
  2. The from line and reply to line must have a legitimate e-mail address.
  3. The recipient must have the ability to unsubscribe or opt out easily. You can use a system like to automatically keep you compliant.
  4. Your e-mails must have

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Word Count: 349

How to get through the spam filters

Creating a powerful newsletter to market your business doesn’t do any good if it looks like SPAM and/or ends up in a spam folder. Many spam filters will automatically delete or move to a folder anything that it deems as spam. Your goal must be to avoid having this happen to your carefully created newsletters.

Spam filters look at your e-mail messages and the words within it and compares it to the list of spam e-mails already identified. It is uncertain of all the science behind how all the spam filters work, and the creators keep this a secret, because the spammers would figure out how to get around them.

However; there are some elements that will most likely make your messages look like spam and therefore go into a spam or junk folder.

Make sure your newsletters and marketing messages follow these suggestions:

Don’t use all caps in the subject line because it increases your changes of going into a spam folder.

Avoid words like ...

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Word Count: 117

How to Compress / Zip Large Files Before Sending Them via Email

1 - Create a new folder and add all the files you want to zip into that folder.

To create a new folder, right-click on the screen and scroll down to "New," and then to "Folder." Type in the name of the folder in the space where the text is highlighted.

2 - Right-click on the folder, select ...

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B219 & I124

Word Count: 210

Ten Business E-mail Etiquette Tips

Have you ever received an e-mail that seemingly had more than one meaning? Or an e-mail that doesn’t really answer the question that you asked? In a business setting this could be time consuming, dangerous, or ever disastrous. Help protect your company and people from liability issues and improve efficiency by using appropriate professional email communications.

Here are some tips for professional email etiquette for any business.

1.      Use short to the point emails to avoid confusion.

2.      Answer the question concisely and have the recipient confirm the understanding.

3.      Use correct grammar, English, punctuation, and spelling.

4.      Avoid acronyms, abbreviations, and emoticons. Example: lol. Is it laughed out loud or lots of love? Can you see how this could be inappropriate in business emails?

5.      Do not use ...

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I125 - Keep your computers running fast & smoothly - The fantastic four

Word Count: 423

Tech Tips - Keep your computers running fast & smoothly.
The fantastic four


Has your computer slowed down lately? Are you experiencing frequent crashes? Does something seem to be taking up your computer memory?


A sluggish computer wastes your time, money, and most certainly increases stress. Maintaining your computer will help protect data loss, increase productivity, enhance security, and minimize stress.


These fantastic four tips will help you to increase speed, maintain efficiency, and safeguard your privacy while online.


Follow these simple steps and utilize these free tools. (You may need to be logged on as the administrator to make these changes)

1. Free up disk space using the Disk Cleanup tool. This tool identifies files that you can delete safely and will free up space on your hard drive to improve your computer’s performance.

To use, close all open files: Click ...

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B252-080113-Identity Theft In The Workplace

Word Count: 261

Identity Theft In The Workplace


As identity theft continues to be on the rise, we are often asked; how are these thieves getting our information?


Experts report an increasing number of corrupt employees offering private customer information to identity thieves. The most common victims are small organizations with fewer than 100 employees, according to the most recent study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 2012 Report. Often smaller companies have fewer controls and less training on handling private data than larger companies.


Handling private information correctly is vital, necessary, and the law. Poor business practices may lead to liability suits and loss of customers.


What should you do to protect ...

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I126-082615-Customizing & Personalizing Windows 8 & 8.1

Word Count: 311


Customizing & Personalizing Windows 8 & 8.1


Windows 8.0 and Windows 8.1 are all about you and the stuff you love—and there are lots of ways to personalize your PC with your favorite apps, people, photos, and colors. Here are a couple of shortcuts for apps you use often.


To pin apps to Start

You can pin your favorite apps to Start so you can get to them quickly and see updates from them at a glance.

  1. Open Start by swiping in from the right edge of the screen and then tapping Start. (Or, if you're using a mouse, point to the lower-left corner of the screen, move your mouse all the way into the corner, and then click Start.)

  2. Swipe up ...

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I127-020317-Cloud Computing Can Help Your Business

Word Count: 590


Cloud Computing Can Help Your Business

Have you been wondering if your business is ready for the cloud? Many companies have asked the question but are not quite ready to take that leap. Honestly, the nature of your business is what may dictate how ready you are for cloud computing.

To quickly define, cloud computing is a service that delivers and stores data for you. The cloud is not a product like software that you install but rather gives you remote access. Businesses are increasingly moving toward the cloud because it enables data to be stored on external servers that can be accessed by a network, device and even an app.

5 Benefits of Cloud Computing

There are many benefits that go along with moving to the cloud. Businesses have found that it can save money, is easy to maintain and has recovery options.

1.     Work from Anywhere

Cloud computing makes telecommuting possible and this is a benefit for employees. Employers are able to hire top talent without needing them to move to the area. Employees can live and work from anywhere.

2.     More Competitive

Smaller businesses are able to ...

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