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Word Count: 539

Are you an exceptional supervisor?

As a supervisor, one of your primary roles is managing.  You are responsible for managing the resources (especially the human resources) of your department.  A manager is frequently described as “someone who gets results through other people.”  The tasks of a manager are classically defined as those of planning, organizing, staffing, motivating…

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Word Count: 328

 The Top 10 Signs That An Employee May Be In Active Addiction

The cost to business of employee addiction is tremendous.  Many addicts (which includes alcoholics) become extremely skilled at hiding or explaining away events related to their addictions.  Encouragement from an employer can be a powerful prompt to the employee to get appropriate treatment and so return to full productivity.  (Note:  Automatic termination of actively addicted employees is neither humane nor advisable. First, addiction is a disease, not a moral choice.  Second, many people who are addicted may be covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act.)  Although some of the following may...

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Word Count: 676

 Tips & Techniques For Dealing With Overt Angry Behavior

1. When an employee expresses anger, deal with it as soon as possible. That doesn't mean in two weeks! By showing a desire to make time to discuss the situation, you are showing that you are concerned, and value the employee and his or her perceptions and feelings. Many performance problems reach crisis proportions as a result of delay in dealing with anger.

2. Certain situations require privacy for discussion since some people will be unwilling to air their feelings at a public staff meeting. However, if anger is expressed in a staff meeting, you can develop a positive ...

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Word Count: 167

 Trouble Shooting A Stagnant Meeting

Be ready to propel a meeting forward when it hits trouble spots. Here are three classic meeting problems and how to solve them:

■ Problem: “We always peter out.” Solution: End the meeting on a high note. If 17 minutes into the meeting, you reach the climax of the gathering, stop the meeting there. That way everyone walks out revved up—and more productive.

■ Problem: “Everyone’s bored out of their minds.” Solution: Make attendees laugh. Here’s a trick from Sheldon Arora, CEO of Esoftsolutions in Plano, Texas: The last person into the room at the monthly companywide meeting has to tell a joke. It loosens up the room and fills the seats on time.

■ Problem: “No one...

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Word Count: 237

Alert Supervisors To Little Known ‘Association-bias’ Law

By now, your supervisors know it’s illegal to discriminate against someone because of his or her disability. But do they also know about a less-obvious part of the ADA that makes it illegal to discriminate against people because they have an association with a person who has a disability.

For example, you can’t refuse to hire someone because of an unfounded fear that the person will be excessively absent or unproductive because he needs to care for his disabled child. The ADA’s association provision covers hiring, firing and other terms and conditions of employment. Other examples of discriminatory actions:

s         Firing or refusing to hire someone based on concerns that the person will acquire a condition from a family member or friend;

s         Refusing...

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Word Count: 912

What Is Sexual Harassment?


Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment when one or more of the following is true:

1.        A person feels that submission to the conduct is necessary in order to get or keep a job.

2.        A person feels that employment decisions such as raises, promotions, and demotions depend on whether he or she submits to or rejects the conduct.

3.        The conduct interferes with a person's work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment.

Some important facts to remember about sexual harassment are:

·         Both men and women can be victims of sexual harassment.

·         Either a man or a woman can be a harasser.

·         The person complaining of sexual harassment does...

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Word Count: 279

"Seven ideas for motivating the workforce"



ersonal recognition is one of the most effective ways of motivating employees toward top-notch performance. Author Don Martin offers these strategies:


1.        Confer meaningful titles. It costs little to give an employee a title and provides recognition by making a statement within and without the organization. The key word, though, is meaningful. The employee and others will recognize when titles are hollow.

2.        Build quality circles. This is a way of telling achievers that they have earned their way into a select group of ...

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Word Count: 259

How to give clear instructions

 It is the responsibility of the supervisor or manager to give clear job instructions. When this happens, the task usually gets done properly without the need to backtrack--saving time, money, and hassles.

Match instructions to individual employees. Strive to capture the style of each listener. Visual people will respond if you show them how to do the job; auditory people need you to tell them how to do it; and kinesthetic people may prefer a hands-on opportunity to learn as you monitor them.

Explain the big picture. Let the employee know how a particular task dovetails into the vision of the company and contributes to its success.

Set ground rules. Be sure to state your ultimate goal for the project and clearly define areas where the employee is responsible and accountable.

Detail expected results and how they will be measured, indicate milestones to be reached, and deadlines that apply.

Identify precise procedures to be followed. Pro...

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Word Count: 276


Developing Confidence

Confidence is a critical ingredient to your growth and development. You develop self-confidence by creating success. Through your goals you can provide for frequent successes. Set short term goals in the beginning. Experience often the satisfaction of moving a “Short Term Goal” to the “Goal Accomplished” area of your daily planner or other tracking device. People who have well-defined goals in life develop confidence through achieving those goals. Thus, they are always better prepared to confront new situations, and achieve higher goals. As you achieve goals, and feel the satisfaction of achievement, your confidence in your abilities is enhanced as is your potential to achieve more and higher goals.

Lack of confidence also stems from our inability to ...

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Word Count: 252

Supervisor’s Success

Leader and Follower

As a supervisor, you are both manager and managed, leader and follower. Your primary responsibility as a leader is to make sure your group achieves its goals. Your obligation is both to your subordinates and to your superiors. How can you satisfy both? What is your obligation to the company?

It may help to view your obligation to other organizations that you belong to such as community groups, fraternal lodges, or volunteer groups. In most of these cases, you are committed to the organization goals, while many times not having a leadership role. You give of your time, efforts, and even money because you’re committed to helping achieve the goals. In return, you receive a feeling of satisfaction. These organizations need you to continue their existence and you need them for gratification of your needs.

You should ...

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Word Count: 385 + 142


How Do You Go From Super Worker To Supervisor?

The function and role of a supervisor is critically important to an organization. But what is a startling fact is that most supervisors are promoted from within, with little or no training. They go from being a superworker on Friday to a supervisor on Monday.

They get promoted because of their knowledge, skills, and sometimes because they are just a nice person. Now certainly those are important qualities as a worker and you wouldn’t want to promote someone that didn’t have these qualities. (Why would you promote someone that just isn’t a nice person, are not dependable, and unable to do their job?)

But the qualities that made them a superworker are not necessarily the same qualities they need to be a supervisor. In fact, surveys have shown that only 15% of the reason people get a job, keep it, and move ahead is due to your technical skills and knowledge.

What about the other 85%? Studies have proven that the other 85% of the reasons you get a job, keep it, and move ahead is due to your people skills and people knowledge. You must be able to get others to do what you use to do so well.

But where do you get these people skills? Often this is what gets overlooked. It’s usually by trial and error. (And we all know what happens when we do that… see ya)

It is vitally important to develop these “people” skills ASAP.

Use this list below ...

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