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Word Count: 385

"This training approach works for all mammals--whales to humans"

 Managers and trainers can learn some valuable lessons about training by following the example set by a major international celebrity--Shamu the killer whale. The tactics his trainers used to teach him how to jump over a high rope can have practical applications for managing and motivating your employees. Consider:

1.        Select an appropriate reward. It doesn't have to be big. For Shamu, it's a single fish for every successful jump. For your employee...

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Word Count: 297

The Top 10 Methods for Maximizing Training ROI

For many companies, training is a financial black hole. Billions of dollars are spent each year in the U.S. alone. What is the payback? Here are some proven tips to improve the bang for your training buck!

1.        Make training fun!

Numerous studies support what we all know! Learning can be fun!

2.        Create opportunities for participants to immediately use new skills on the job and create opportunities for spaced repetition.

Practice makes perfect. Remember your...

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Word Count: 167

Tips For Conducting Better Training Meetings

As a team leader conducting a productive training is challenging.

Your training meeting must be informative, relevant, open for participation, fun, and motivating.

Here are some suggestions for making your meetings more effective:

Treat all of your team members as knowledgeable.
Appreciate their experiences and their opinions.

Do not lecture.
How boring! Make the meeting a participatory experience for everyone. Ask questions and allow them to participate in the...

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Word Count: 198

Motorola Shows The Power Of Training


ew companies have demonstrated a stronger commitment to training and educating employee than Motorola Inc.

The company spends about $120 million a year on training – most of it conducted at Motorola University, located at its headquarters in Schaumburg, IL.

Training at Motorola isn’t optional. Employees must attend at least five days of training each year.

The curriculum at Motorola University includes classes that cover topics such as quality, risk-taking, managing change, teamwork, as well as basic reading and math.

Most of Motorola’s courses use multifaceted training techniques. Example: When factory workers learn computer-aided design, they attend lectures, read manuals, and create their own plastic models of actual products.

The company estimates that...

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Word Count: 126

Listen Up

If you think your audience is listening challenged, tune them back in with some questions that focus on their needs and your presentation. But don’t hit them out of the blue or you’ll risk embarrassing – and therefore alienating – audience members. Give them some warning that questions are coming with a statement such as: I’m going to talk for a few minutes about how this product will translate into reduced costs for you and then I’m going to ask you some questions. Because the audience knows in advance that questions are coming, they’ll be alert to whatever you have to say. Just don’t let too much time elapse between announcing that questions are coming and asking them, or your audience might tune back out again.

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Word Count: 131

“How To Make Training Last”

We all want to make sure we receive our “moneys worth” when training our employees or receiving training ourselves. (ROI – Return On Investment)

We are more likely to retain the training information if there is good follow-up.

About one week after the training session, hand out a questionnaire that asks the participants:

¯   “What was the most effective thing you learned at the training?”

¯   “What have you changed or are doing better due to the training?”

¯   “What part of the...

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Word Count: 814

“Letting Go”


ook at your appointment calendar. See any "white space"?

If you're like most busy CEOs and business professionals, you are booked non-stop for meetings, luncheons, dinner meetings, charity functions, planning sessions and... Well, you get the idea. In between the bookings, you scramble to keep up with projects, reviews, financial reports, investors, staff, customers and suppliers.

Tired yet? This weariness can wreak havoc on your business. Consider the symptoms of fatigue: lack of innovation, irritability, reduced productivity, and stress. The list goes on. And we are frequently unaware of how run down we are getting.

We are moving away from the industrial age into the information age, yet the work ethic that most of us grew up with taught us to maximize work time - time at the factory or the office.

Even our language reflects the inherent...

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Word Count: 229


Train Staff Before Changing-----------------------


ragging about your customer service without first training the employees who will deliver that service is like sitting on a branch as you saw it off. To prove that point, Dennis McCarthy, president of Paradigm Group, a Connecticut-based consulting firm, tells a story about a company that hired him to improve its image.

   He started by talking to some of its best customers and soon learned that many weren’t satisfied. One of their biggest gripes: the near-rude treatment they got when they called the company.

   Then, on the day he was to meet with senior managers, he noted the company’s full-page ad in two major daily newspapers. The ad boasted about the company’s "improved customer service," listed an 800 number and urged people to call "and experience the difference."

   At the meeting, he asked if those who would handle the calls to the 800 number had received any additional training. The answer came from the marketing director, who said "We didn’t have time for that. We had to act fast to improve our image, and ads are a good starting point." Worse yet, ...

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Word Count: 279

Turn training into an employee benefit



n this day and age, workers are eager to learn new skills that will help them advance in their careers. This means that training can be an employee benefit if you approach it correctly--a benefit that pays off for everyone. Best of all, it doesn't have to cost huge amounts of money. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

1.        Set a budget. A few hundred dollars can buy useful training. Create a budget so everyone understands the limits. Check with your accountant to see if any of your training expenses are tax deductible.

2.        Do some legwork. Give one employee the job of collecting information from community colleges and finding out what kinds of workshops and seminars are available from other organizations. Make the information available to all employees.

3.        Draft a policy. Specify the...

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TR111 & PD141

Word Count: 371

Stuck for an idea?

Tap your creativity


ruly creative ideas often seem very simple - once somebody has thought of them.  But how do you get a truly creative idea?  Here are some ways to generate your creativity:

þ     Put the problem into words.  Clearly defining a problem is probably nine-tenths of its solution.  Putting the problem into work is a discipline that clearly engages and focuses your left brain to find a creative solution.  What are the problems?  What are the conflicting demands?  What, exactly, is the barrier that is keeping you from doing what you want to do?

þ     Write it down, and tell someone important to you.  Don’t keep the problem floating around in your own brain.  When you write, or when you tell the problem to another person, the words are encoded in your left brain in a logical, linear fashion.

*      Approach ...

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TR125-011216-Winning the War for Talent-The Best Companies Use Training

Word Count: 453

Winning the War for Talent: The Best Companies Use Training


If you haven’t invested in training your team in a while, then it is time to re-think your strategies. Companies are focusing more time and energy on advancing their employees education. Why is that?


People Want To Be Invested In

Just like you work hard to add value to your customer’s lives, you need to put focus on your staff as well. They are people, just like the ones you serve. Finding ways to add value to their lives will keep them loyal to you.


It is the same principles you would use for keeping your customers happy and coming back. There is so much that goes into brand loyalty. Getting your staff on board is just as important as getting customers on board.


It Benefits You to Have Highly Trained Staff

Not only is it valuable for the individuals but it benefits you as well.

If you want to keep up with your competition ...

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