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In this issue we will discuss leadership development.


Effective Leaders Develop Future Leaders


One of the primary characteristics of true leadership is the ability to be confident in one’s abilities.  The most highly effective leaders take the time to recruit and develop top talent so that these individuals in their employment will succeed and reach new heights of professional achievement.  This will only reflect positively on the mentor as well, and free the supervising manager to pursue other more difficult challenges which will benefit the organization as a whole. 


The experienced mentor will often look for certain leadership traits in their younger staff, such as effective communication skills, a passion for learning new things, the ability to cultivate new relationships, and the drive to tackle new challenges.  A true leader will always take the extra time to nurture this top talent and work towards building their professional self-esteem.


"Impossibilities are merely things which we have not yet learned."

Charles W. Chesnutt."


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