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Free Newsletter Template - Customized Newsletter Service

Marketing made easy!


Here is your chance to have a complete newsletter marketing strategy on CD Rom.

Program Includes:

3, 6 or 12 Customized Newsletters With Content.
To mail, E-Mail, and/or post on your web site.

Each newsletter comes complete with content (excellent and timeless articles), formatting, graphics, and everything you need to have a newsletter for your business without the work of creating it yourself. All you need to do is put your newsletter name and company information in the designated area of each issue. That’s all!

Newsletter Instructions To Customize Your Newsletter.

A complete step by step guide to customizing each newsletter template. We have also included samples for you to see how to customize each issue with your information and an on-line video.

Newsletter Marketing Strategies.

After a tremendous amount of education, research, and trial & error we have put together proven strategies for successfully marketing your company using a newsletter.


Newsletter Nurture Marketing Strategies:

$         Nurture Marketing Tips

$         Newsletter Format Comparison

$         Sending Your Newsletter Electronically - Pros & Cons

$         E-Mail newsletter publisher info

$         Phone Script Sample for Follow Up

$         3 Easy Steps To Write Great Articles That People Want To Read

$         Spam Suspicions



$         Introductory Letter for Sending With Your Newsletter

$         The Coach’s Edge Newsletter Sample

$         Sample Issue 22 – with arrow descriptions

$         HTML Format Newsletter Samples


Newsletter Templates in 4 Format Styles:

$         Template 1:
Standard          Contemporary             HTML                Two-Page

$         Template 2:
Standard          Contemporary             HTML                Two-Page

$         Template 3:
Standard          Contemporary             HTML                Two-Page


Advanced Marketing Techniques:

$         Ten Strategies to Increase Your Sales

$         Why You Need A Marketing Strategy

$         Marketing Strategies

$         Nurture Marketing – Process for Success

$         How To Market On The Internet For Free - 29 page E-Book - PDF version (Value $97)

$         Five Most Important Words On Your Web Site

$         Speaking For Millions $$$ - 264 page E-Book - How to make really big money as a professional speaker. PDF version ($495 Value)

$         Finding Prospects

$         3 easy ways to track your e-mail marketing

$         Marketing and Promoting Your Seminars and Workshops - 202 page E-Book. ($495 value)

$         Writing Tag Lines, Slogans, or Mottos

$         3 Step Marketing Process

$         4 Time-Saving E-Mail Tips

$         Your ‘From’ Line: Benefit or Barrier

$         The Can Spam Law

$         Press Release That Gets You National Publicity

$         Copyright Tips

$         Marketing Strategies Calendar - includes seminar/training dates examples- excel spreadsheet

$         Don't Be A Phishing Victim

$         Do You Need A Strategic Planning Sales Letter

$         Strategy 'Smategy' - Why Do I Need A Strategic Plan?

$         Frequently Asked Questions

$         How To Prepare A Press Release

$         How To Write A Press Release Sample Press Release – Leadership Information Announcement

$         Sample Press Release – Leadership Program



$         Marketing Plan Worksheet

$         Press Release Basics Worksheet

$         Marketing Calendar - MSWord

$         Marketing Strategies Calendar - Excel spreadsheet

$         Plus All The Newsletter Templates Are In Msword For Easy Customization


Plus a Training Video:

$        Customized Newsletter Marketing Program CD-ROM Step by Step Instructions

And a Frequently Asked Questions area to help answer the most common questions.

Your success is our success.

Start marketing and branding your company right now with this proven newsletter process. You can have a newsletter for your company without any of the pain normally associated with creating a newsletter…right now!
With over 640 pages of proven resources, you can hit the ground running and shorten the learning curve on marketing. Plus there are resources to help you create or enhance your web presence too.

We have invested a lot of time, money, and energy into these resources to support you and help you be successful.

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For more information and pricing on this powerful proven program contact: 

Sorrell Associates

740-824-4842 Phone

24681 State Route 60 Warsaw, OH 43844


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Marketing made easy!

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