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Word Count: 342

Six ways to jump-start your ads and brochures

By Herschell Lewis


1.      “We’re solving this problem”  For example, “We’re solving the problem of overcharges on your property tax bill.”  Lewis says that a “problem solving” headline must have a highly targeted market who has the problem and wants it solved.  He notes that this headline will work extremely well with that market, but may be overlooked by people who have the problem but do not know it.  Immediately follow your headline with a description of your solution.

“What trouble I had until I discovered this…”  Lewis uses the example…

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Word Count: 178

Market With Your Own Color

Biologists tell us that only a few animals can see color. Of course, humans are one of those special creatures.

As a savvy marketer, you won't want to take this ability to see color for granted. It's important to people (even if we don't often stop to think about it).

It's much easier to remember something if you can associate a color with it. Expensive advertising campaigns will often work to connect a color with a company...

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Word Count: 201

Use More Stamps to Get Noticed

It is harder than ever to get your direct mail letters and postcards noticed. Veteran direct mail pros say customers are tougher to persuade than they used to be.

The mighty crush of junk mail means your letter or postcard has lots of competition. Most prospects give your message a quick three-second glance before deciding whether to read further or drop your message in the circular file.

Still, direct mail is one of the most reliable tried-and-true strategies in the marketing arsenal. Get more attention for your sales letter by including several stamps.

Instead of pasting one...

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Word Count: 224


The wild frontier nature of the Internet has got more people thinking about what is and is not legal about advertising.

Here are a few guidelines to keep your advertising out of trouble: --

• Don't talk about your prices with competitors. If you're a big company, this could be misconstrued as price fixing.

• Resist the temptation to...

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Word Count: 1068

Marketing Research
What is Marketing Research?

According to the American Marketing Association, marketing research is the systematic gathering, recording, and analyzing of data about problems relating to the marketing of goods and services.

Every small business owner-manager must ask the following questions to devise effective marketing strategies:

Who are my customers and potential customers?
What kind of people are they?
Where do they live?
Can and will they buy?
Am I offering the kinds of goods or services they want - at the best place, at the best time and in the right amounts?
Are my prices consistent with what buyers view as the product's value?
Are my promotional programs working?
What do customers think of my business?
How does my business compare with my competitors?

Marketing research is not a perfect science. It deals with people and their constantly changing feelings and behaviors, which are influenced by countless subjective factors. To conduct marketing research you must...

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Word Count: 455

Marketing Your Business

Marketing plays a crucial role in the success of any business venture. Whether you are in the start up or expansion phase of your business, an effective marketing strategy will ensure that you reach the goals you have set for your company.

Marketing is an ongoing process. It starts with a thorough understanding of your business environment, and as your business grows, it needs to be continually refined and updated to accommodate changes in the marketplace.

The American Marketing Association defines marketing as "the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals." Simply put, marketing is about finding and keeping customers and fulfilling their needs.

The key to successful marketing is a solid understanding of the environment in which your business operates, your position in the market place, your products and services, your competition, and your customers.

Research of your market is an important aspect of marketing. You should become familiar with the essential ...

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Word Count: 210


4 Resolutions To Improve Your Bottom Line!

Create A Promotional/Marketing Calendar
Keep your marketing on track by creating a calendar for 12 months listing when you will send the next marketing piece or newsletter.

Have A Monthly Newsletter
Make this the year to start having a newsletter for your business. It makes you look like a credible and informed business. Take a look at the Sorrell Associates Newsletter Service. This takes the challenge out of having to create one yourself and gives you the time to be doing networking, speaking, selling, facilitating, etc... Also eliminates the procrastination of saying "I plan on getting around to it soon"

Nurture For Success
Make sure that you send prospects...

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Word Count: 592

Increase Your Sales & Profits with this 3 Step Marketing Process

The following 3 step marketing process achieves highly profitable results with many businesses. This procedure is simple, easy to implement and it keeps expenses to a minimum. Let's take a look at each of the 3 steps in this process.


The objective in this first step is to generate inquiries (requests for more information) from qualified, interested prospects. You can get inquiries by placing classified ads online or in print publications serving your targeted market. You can also get inquiries by printing the same classified ad message on a simple postcard and mailing it to a list of prospects known to have the characteristics of your target market.

Prospects who request information about your product, service or opportunity are identifying themselves as likely buyers. They want the benefit they can gain from your product, service or opportunity. They'll go through your sales material with a high level of attention. These are prospects who will seriously evaluate your offer and consider taking a buying action.


In this step you deliver your sales material and try to close the sale. It's the sales presentation in personal sales, the sales literature and tapes in...

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Word Count: 643

Managing Your Change For A Better Investment


our Company goes to great lengths to create an image and product that is marketable within the business community. Once you have identified and perfected whatever product or service you are motivated by, the natural progression is to hire a team of professionals to assist in the distribution or application of your professional purpose. With the very best of intentions, you establish a deliberate and conceptual interview process filled with hurdles to minimize your risk and cast your spotlight on only the very best of applicants. Those lucky few, the anointed, are brought into the organization and unleashed for all that they bring to the table.

Companies today are looking for brilliant ideas on how to grow their market share. Many think of market share in the same terms as profitability. Your people, the people that you or someone within your organization hired, can provide that "great idea". You hired them for a reason and they are the most important asset your company possesses. The challenge is, depending on which behavioral scientists you put the most trust in; individuals typically only contribute up to 25% of their mental capacity on an ongoing basis. Imagine the impact, both personally and professionally, should they produce even 55 or 60% in a given day. Would that not be a major enhancement for all involved!

Given the pace of today's competitive...

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Word Count: 118

Email Marketing CAN Be Profitable

s         Email is the #1 online activity for Americans! (Pew Internet Survey)

s         Out of 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) Internet users worldwide, 90% use email! (PostFuture) 

s         82% of online consumers have made at least one purchase as a result of an email! (PostFuture)

s         People now use email to communicate MORE than the telephone! (Marketing Sherpa) 

s         90% of consumers use email multiple times per day! (DoubleClick)

s         30.1% of people use email for gift ideas! (ReturnPath Survey)

s         40.9% of people comparison shop with email! (ReturnPath Survey)

s         59% of ...

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Word Count: 456

Create Value With Prospects



ow do you compete in your marketplace?  Are you seeking to sell high volume at low prices?   Or, are you creating value for your product or service?  If you compete solely on price, chances are your company will not be able to survive long term.  The Champion Salesperson understands that great salespeople sell high volume and high margin.  One without the other is a recipe for disaster.  One of the keys to success in selling high volume and margin is the ability to establish value with prospects.

Value is the perception a prospect has regarding your product or service.  Value can be defined mathematically as the perceived benefit over perceived costs and price.  Creating value starts with belief in your product or service and the ability it has to satisfy your prospects’ needs.  Before walking into the prospect’s office, do research and find out as much information as possible about your competition, the prospect, and the industry.  Armed with confidence and knowledge, you will be able to create value.

The value you create with prospects is not dictated by what you tell, but by what you ask.  So many salespeople try to talk their way into value creation.  Value is determined by the prospect, not the salesperson.  So then, asking the right questions will allow you to understand what the prospect perceives as value.  Remember, you cannot learn if you are talking.

Your questions should be ...

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Word Count: 287

Avoid Absolutes and Empty Claims

Real salespeople don’t tell lies, so be careful about offering absolutes. Although Toyota is one of my clients, I find it helpful to ask other audiences I address the following question: “How many of you have the number one Toyota dealership in the country, located right in your town?” Nearly all of the hands go up. “Isn’t that amazing? You each have the number one Toyota dealership in your town. How can that be?” Then we discuss what being “number one” could mean. Does it mean that the dealership has the:

* Greatest number of car units sold?

* Largest lot? * Highest profitability?

* Most inventory?

* Most salespeople?

* Most customers?

Best or biggest -- Similarly, when you see a claim Biggest Dealer in ...

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Word Count: 287

How to put your e-newsletter marketing on auto-pilot

Use an internet based program. We suggest Constant Contact. 

This is an inexpensive and effective program to create and send eye-catching HTML email newsletters, announcements and promotions, in html and text formats, and track email campaign results.

 If you want an HTML e-zine (e-mail newsletter) this is a good, inexpensive program. We can create your newsletter using this program too. Once you sign up for Constant Contact, we can create your customized newsletters right in your Constant Contact account. You have complete control of your newsletter to make any changes, additions, deletions, modifications or monthly introductions.

 Constant Contact has a free 60 day trial.
Click here for the 60 day free trial

Once you have your Constant Contact system set up the next step is to ...

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Word Count: 424

How to get your e-mail newsletters to be read.

First you need to make sure it gets to their "in-box"

 Some keys are the size of the graphics, size of the overall newsletter, content, subject line, and from line.

 All caps in the subject line increases your changes of going into a spam folder. Watch out for words like “Free” and “Sex” in the subject line too.

 If you want additional information sent to you on The Spam Filter Game, send an e-mail to: (Subj: spam filter game)

 The best type of content for your readers.

 Helpful information that helps the reader be better at what they do.

 Keep your content and articles

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Word Count: 257

CanSpam law – Staying Compliant.

 Staying compliant with the CanSpam law is very important. Fines can be very substantial for an offense. Of course legitimate marketers attempt to do most things correctly; however, I have noticed that many marketers are missing some key elements to keep them compliant.

To read the entire CanSpam law, click on the link below.

Here’s the “cliff” notes version of what will keep you compliant.

  1. You must have permission to e-mail a person and have obtained their e-mail address legitimately.
  2. The from line and reply to line must have a legitimate e-mail address.
  3. The recipient must have the ability to unsubscribe or opt out easily. You can use a system like to automatically keep you compliant.
  4. Your e-mails must have

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Word Count: 349

How to get through the spam filters

Creating a powerful newsletter to market your business doesn’t do any good if it looks like SPAM and/or ends up in a spam folder. Many spam filters will automatically delete or move to a folder anything that it deems as spam. Your goal must be to avoid having this happen to your carefully created newsletters.

Spam filters look at your e-mail messages and the words within it and compares it to the list of spam e-mails already identified. It is uncertain of all the science behind how all the spam filters work, and the creators keep this a secret, because the spammers would figure out how to get around them.

However; there are some elements that will most likely make your messages look like spam and therefore go into a spam or junk folder.

Make sure your newsletters and marketing messages follow these suggestions:

Don’t use all caps in the subject line because it increases your changes of going into a spam folder.

Avoid words like ...

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Articles - use the name of the article when referring to them.

IE: MRKTG115 - Should you have a newsletter?

Click on the name to read the article.

  1. Should you have a newsletter?

  2. What is Nurture Marketing?

  3. How do you start your Nurture Marketing process?

  4. Best Practices For Contact Management And Delivery Programs

  5. Alternate Newsletter Format styles

  6. Top 10 Reasons To Have A Newsletter Created For Your Business

  7. When to e-mail your newsletter

  8. Where Do I Get Content For My Newsletters…That People Want To Read?

  9. How to get your e-mail newsletters to be read

  10. How to put your e-newsletter marketing on auto-pilot

  11. CanSpam law – Staying Compliant

  12. How to get through the spam filters

  13. How to put your HTML newsletter on your web site

  14. How to add a sign up box to your web site

  15. How will my email campaign display in my contacts' different email programs?



Word Count: 448

Marketing Your Company . . . in This Economy

Unfortunately, there are some officials who believe that there’s no need to market their companies in economic times such as these.  After all, with the unemployment rate as high as it is and open positions as scarce as they are, there should be no problem getting candidates to want to work for your company.  Right?

That philosophy might apply to the majority of candidates.  However, when it comes to wooing the best of the best and the cream of the crop, basing a recruiting strategy on that philosophy won’t produce the kind of hiring results that will separate you from the competition.  In fact, it could actually hurt your efforts in that area.

A sensible investment in the future

Even if you don’t have any open positions at the moment, every company would benefit from having the best talent in the industry on their team.  And if not all of that talent is currently on your team, then it’s somewhere else, on somebody else’s team.  According to ...

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Word Count: 206

"Want To Make Your Company More Successful?"

Creativity is the key to keeping a business flourishing. And while creativity will help your business grow stronger, there are other tools and opportunities businesses should use to their advantage.

Here are some quick tips:

* Make your business appear bigger than it may be.

You might not have a huge warehouse or dozens of employees, but you can still give your business the professional appearance of one 10 times your size. First impressions are important. Start branding. Design a great logo for your company and put that logo on all of your media. Have a company newsletter with information that focuses on the reader. Utilize your Web site and blog, and see if you can get them linked to your community's Chamber of Commerce or city Web site. Join ...

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MRKTG132 (Great for blog posts, newsletters, & autoresponders)

List Building Strategies Series

List Building Strategy #1
Internet Traffic Now - This is how to get the traffic you need fast!

List Building Strategy #2 build your contact list with these strategies!
Getting Out Of The Traffic Getting Circle

List Building Strategy #3
Article Marketing with RSS / Blogs

List Building Strategy #4
How Not To Let Forums and Blog Commenting Suck Your Time

List Building Strategy #5
Product Reviews For Traffic

List Building Strategy #6
How To Utilize Ezine Ads & PPC Ads

List Building Strategy #7
Your List - Follow Up for your Content Placement

List Building Strategy #8
Creating Buyers

List Building Strategy #9
What Will Your Reader Do, When He/She Receives Your Email?

List Building Strategy #10
Affiliate Traffic

List Building Strategy #11
“Recurring” and “Repeat” Customers

List Building Strategy #12
The Freebie Seekers

List Building Strategy #13
Transforming Subscribers into Buyers

List Building Strategy #14
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

List Building Strategy #15
Static Sites / Mini-sites / Landing Pages

List Building Strategy #16
Other HTML Tips

List Building Strategy #17
18 Tips For Generating More Traffic

List Building Strategy #18
Bonus Tips

List Building Strategy #19
The role of your list should always be top of mind!

MRKTG133 (Great for blog posts, newsletters, & autoresponders)

Membership Site Marketing Tips

1. 5 Secrets of Successful Membership Sites
2. Harness The Power of Membership Websites
3. The Secret To Membership Site Success
4. Secret Strategies to Get Your Membership Site Noticed Fast
5. Don’t Miss Out - 3 Membership Marketing Profit Plans
6. 3 More Ways to Make Mega Money With Your Membership Site
7. Managing Membership Fees for Maximum Results
8. Building Your Brand – 5 Keys to Membership Site Recognition
9. Attracting Affiliates And Helping Them Sell Your Site
10. Perfect Partners Equal Profound Profits



MRKTG134 (Great for blog posts, newsletters, & autoresponders)

105 Tips To Get Your Internet Business Noticed And Profiting!

Quick power tips. Great for daily or weekly emails.
This is in a MSWord document and can be broken out into a small series, created as a special report, or made into an ebook.

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MRKTG135 (Great for blog posts, newsletters, & autoresponders)

52 High Quality Internet Marketing & Self-Help Articles

1. The Basics of Blogging
2. How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing
3. 7 Top Tips To Get More Done
4. How To Get More Fans To Your Facebook Fan Page
5. How To Get More Twitter Followers
6. How To Start Your Own Online Newsletter
7. How To Build Thousands of Subscribers To Your Newsletter
8. Top Traffic Generation Tips You Can Use Today
9. 10 Quick Ways To Get Traffic To Your Site
10. How To Get Started With Podcasting
11. How To Create Your Own eBook
12. How To Write Winning Headlines
13. 5 Simple Ways To Increase Your Productivity
14. 3 Secrets To Attracting More Wealth
15. 3 Simple Tips To Live A More Abundant Life
16. Two Ways To Increase Your Sales Overnight
17. How To Build Credibility In Your Market
18. 3 Easy Ways To Get More Website Visitors
19. Free Ways To Get More Subscribers To Your Newsletter
20. SEO Basics That You Need To Understand
21. How To Overcome Information Overload
22. 5 Tips To Writing Better Copy
23. 3 Mistakes To Avoid In Internet Marketing
24. 4 Great Reasons Why You Should Test and Track Your Ad Campaigns
25. How To Make Your Product Stand Out From The Crowd
26. How To Achieve Your Goals This Year
27. How To Manage Your Time, Wisely
28. 5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Affiliate Commissions
29. Getting Started With CPA Marketing
30. 5 Services You Can Offer To Offline Business
31. How To Become An Authority In Your Niche
32. How To Outsource Your Work To Leverage Your Time
33. 5 Smart Outsourcing Tips To Save Your Time
34. How To Make Money On
35. What is Article Marketing And How To Get Traffic From Article Directories
36. The Importance Of Having A Mentor
37. How To Become A Guest Blogger On Other Blogs And The Benefits
38. How To Overcome Fear Of Failure
39. The Success Mindset - 5 Success Traits You Should Have
40. How To Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions
41. Benefits Of Private Label Rights Products
42. How Social Media Helps Businesses Get More Exposure
43. How To Stay Focused In Your Home Business
44. How To Write A Sales Page That Sells
45. Top 5 Social Media Tips You Should Know About
46. The Benefits Of Google Plus For Your Business
47. Creating a Tailored Internet Marketing Plan
48. Top 5 Traffic Methods To Drive Thousands Of Targeted Visitors To Your Site
49. 5 Top Freelancing Sites To Outsource Your Work
50. How To Research A Niche Market
51. What is Search Engine Optimization
52. 3 Simple Ways to Get More Offline Clients


MRKTG136-021617-3 Habits To Nurture A Business State Of Mind

Word Count: 446

3 Habits To Nurture A Business State Of Mind

Starting a business is no easy task and requires a lot of dedication. Being your own boss requires you to assume many different roles. For that reason, it can be overwhelming and stressful.

To fight the overwhelming and stressful feeling, here are 3 habits you should form.

Set Goals And Follow Through

It is very easy to set goals if you have no intentions of ever following through with them. It is very important that as a business owner, you are a person of your word. Do not say you plan to accomplish something and then allow it to slip. Write them down and review them daily.

Be sure that you are setting both lofty and achievable goals. You need ...

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MRKTG137-021617-5 Ways To Improve Your Content - Marketing Strategy

Word Count: 407

5 Ways To Improve Your Content - Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is an excellent strategy for promoting your business and getting potential customers interested in your products. Having good marketing skills gives you the ability to create amazing results if executed properly, here are a few tips and pointers for you to consider to help you to improve your marketing strategy.

1 - Think Outside The Blog

One way to improve your marketing is to try and think outside of the blog and realize that there are more ways to market your product or business rather than just by blog. Podcasts and infographics are just a few other ways for you to satisfy your marketing skills and they can go way beyond the blog.

2 - Do Not Be Afraid To Give Information Away For Free

Don’t be afraid to market by giving away information about your business for free and get the word out there to people. By getting the information out there and providing that information time and time again viewers will begin to wonder about the product, and that will turn into

Members can read this entire article by clicking here



MRKTG140-The Future of Mobile Apps

Word Count: 343

The Future of Mobile Apps


Who doesn’t enjoy mobile apps these days?  I’d wager to say that most people like them, use them and reap the benefits from the product and service that they potentially offer.

I probably don’t have to sell you on the fact that mobile continues to grow.  However, I wanted to share a few stats to illustrate my point.

·        One million cell phones will be sold within the next year.

·        While that number is staggering, it’s double the number of PCs that will sell.

·        Half of all adult cell phone users have apps on their phones.

As you can see, mobile is huge!  Think of the convenience and all the technology that is at your fingertips almost by the minute each day.  We will continue to see mobile usage increase for years to come.

Mobile apps have a significant part in the increase of this phone usage.  Most people say that they are both fun to use and helpful.  Lately, people report to be willing to even pay for apps.  Of those polled, 42% of cellphone users have spent money on an app. 

If you are looking to advance your brand, business or marketing plan, then ...

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MRKTG141-021318-Social Media Marketing Predictions for This Year

Word Count: 133

Social Media Marketing Predictions for This Year 

Online adults aged 18-34 are most likely to follow a brand via social networking (95%). (Source: MarketingSherpa) Think about your audience and see where they are most likely to follow your brand. 

71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. (Source: Ambassador) Use social media as an effective customer service tool to increase brand engagement and win new customers. 

Visual content is 40 times more likely to ...

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