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Client Comments

Our Executive Search company has been sending enewsletters for over a year now and we've gotten great feedback on them.
We hired Gary at to create our newsletters each month.
They have allowed us to "touch" candidates regularly and they have definately generated business.

Linda Noland, Stone & Associates Executive Search

Thanks Gene,
I continue to receive compliments every month.

Carl Nielson, CPBA, CPVA, TriMetrix certified, Managing Principal.
The Nielson Group

My experience with Gary Sorrell's newsletter has been one of the cornerstones of my marketing over the years. Today, as I enjoy a very successful business flourish I do not actively market any longer except for my newsletter from Gary.

People don't buy when you need a sale, they buy when they are ready. My newsletter puts me in front of them every month. When they are ready who will they call? The person that has consistently made contact.

I got one coaching client who said he had read the newsletter for five years and decided now was the time to enter coaching. I have coached him for four years at $18,000 a year, two of his sales people for another $10,000 and he is buying assessments for all employees regardless of the type of position. This is just one example. If I had never gotten one other client this one instance would have paid for the newsletter for over a hundred years. Do the math.

Thanks Gary and crew.
PS. They have never missed a delivery date in ten years.

Robert Alderman, President-CEO
Performance 2000 Inc.

This newsletter service is first rate. It's always on time and the letters are wonderfully put together. There is a great mix of columns and content that clients enjoy.

One employee of a client left the client and a year later contacted me with a referral and said how much he missed not receiving the letter. I am not sure I can trace any business to the letter but I know it worked to keep my company in the forefront of their thinking and likely prompted them to keep using my services.

John Mathis President/Owner
Keyline Company, Inc.


Sorrell Associates Customized Newsletter, Blog, and Marketing Service

Customized Newsletter Service
for your business!



ow you can discover the power of a customized and personalized newsletter and / or blog that commands attention and yields measurable results, without all the work.

Custom Newsletters and blogs are some of the most powerful marketing and nurture marketing tools available today. Newsletters and Blogs continue to help communicate great information and adds additional links to your newsletters, websites, and social media.
You can gain an edge in your marketplace with a professionally published newsletter and blog. Our customized newsletters, blogs, and free newsletter templates are an exceptional communications strategy that will allow you to:

$        Boost sales

$        Retain customers

$        Keep in contact with existing clients

$        Expand your client base

$        Establish yourself as an expert in your field

$        Create company awareness

$        Promote special events

$        Build customer loyalty

$        Increase repeat business

$        Provide valuable information for clients/prospects

$        Enhance your company's image

$        Introduce new products and services

 Read what Bill says about our service:

“I have been using your newsletter service for 36 months. I am pleased to say that we have achieved our specific goals.

We have generated several new clients and more than $20,000 in sales last year.

And this happened as a result of prospects calling us, not us calling them. How much more could we generate if we actively followed up? We are excited at the opportunity!”.
Bill Napolitano
Founder & President, Achievement Dynamics


Research shows that newsletters, the most commonly used type of custom publication, are an accepted and welcomed method of communication. In fact, according to a national Newsletter Readership Study, the average awareness level for a professionally produced newsletter is 68%.

The marketing power of our newsletters has yielded phenomenal results due to their ability to attract high readership, which is attained through consistent distribution, quality, and content.

And because our newsletters are full of quick ideas and tips that can help your prospects and clients increase their sales, enhance management capabilities, improve production, and enhance communications, many of them will subscribe to your newsletter in order to keep it coming to them monthly.

I Just love the look of the newsletter!  I continue to receive positive response's about the articles.

Thanks for making this service easy for me to provide to my clients!

Debra Schlaht
Human Performance Solutions, LLC


Developing and strengthening customer relationships requires regular interactions with your customers. Helping you generate awareness, response and ultimately more sales are our goals at Sorrell Associates.

Since 1995, Sorrell Associates has been producing proven effective customized newsletters.  We offer this powerful marketing service in order to help you achieve your dreams and goals through an effective proven communications tool. 

With many companies coming and going in the newsletter business, it's no wonder why
Sorrell Associates is the most trusted name in newsletters!


“I Love The Newsletter!”
“It takes the burden off my back.
It is truly effortless marketing”
Robert Alderman
President – Performance 2000, Inc.

Sorrell Associates
offers a wide range of services to help businesses, consultants, coaches, recruiters, staffing agencies, and business executives improve their professional communications, image, and sales. Our proven nurture marketing approaches, and free newsletter & blog template designs are just some of the reasons clients continue to use our services year after year. Yes you read that right...we will create your newsletter or blog template for free!

"We have used Gary Sorrell's services for over 7 years. 

Each month, like clockwork, we get a newsletter that gives us the opportunity to add information from our speakers, trainers and vendors, as well as information about our upcoming events, resulting in a comprehensive newsletter that keeps our membership and prospects well informed and looks great to boot! 

All this with very little effort - just what we need at this point in our growth."

John Sacerdote, CPC CTS
Director of Association Services
National Association of Personnel Services



Whether you want a newsletter to print, mail, post on your web site, or send via e-mail, we can create the customized look you want.

We have many option's available to fit any need and budget.

From a completely customized newsletter and blog to a boiler plate template newsletter with content, our newsletters will help you get an edge in your marketplace.

Read on or Click here to see how easy it is to get started.  Click here to e-mail us.

Clients choose Sorrell Associates because they find that we provide more newsletter expertise at a better price than they can find anywhere.

Stop procrastinating...Start today!

Click here for our sign up form.

Remember: you have nothing to lose. We do not charge you one cent until you are completely satisfied with your first issue.
We are certain that once you see what we can do for you, that you will continue to use us year after year!

We are often asked:
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Are you still procrastinating? Get started today!
Remember, we can have a newsletter completed for you in 72 hours or less.

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Thank you for your continued great service and a wonderful newsletter for the past nine (9) years.

I keep receiving very positive comments from my readership. The newsletter creates a very professional image for me.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.
I'm proud to use your product!

Barry Foster, RCC, CPBA
Business Success Coach


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They have never missed a delivery date in ten years.

Robert Alderman, President-CEO
Performance 2000 Inc.


Start today!


 Looks great.
The newsletter is as professional looking as you are professionally acting. Guess there should be no surprise there.

 Thank you very much!!!

Michael Whipple
Fundamentec, LLC



Make us prove to you that our newsletter service is worth your time and effort...

Before you pay one cent!

We are so confident that you will be happy with our service that we will not charge you one cent until you approve your newsletter.

 If you are not completely satisfied, you are not out one dime.

Now that is what I call 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Also we have a Guaranteed Price Rate. When you sign up we guarantee your pricing will not increase from the monthly rate for as long as you use our service without interruptions. (Excluding free issues)

Start right now. Click here for our sign up form.

Get ahead of your competition!

Thank you for your generosity in sharing with me your time and your expertise. The work you do helping clients with email newsletter and internet marketing is a tremendous value, worth far more than what you charge.

Best regards,
Dave Smith
Performance Dynamics Systems



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Setting The Pace As The Leader In Customized Newsletters, Blogs, and Marketing Services!
Gary Sorrell
Sorrell Associates, LLC
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"Setting The Pace As The Leader In Customized Newsletters, Blogs, And Marketing Services!"
Since 1995

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