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reading log software program - Software Solutions For Maximum ProductivityReading Log v1.2

The Reading Log software program allows you to keep track of all of the books you have read.

Great for any summer reading requirements or contests. I created this to track my Son's summer reading and decided to offer it to the schools system for FREE.
Reading Log is simple and easy-to-use! You'll be up-and-running before you know it. Click Here




Software Solutions For Maximum Productivity


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SiteReminderPro allows you to keep track of all the important websites you visit regularly and allows you to keep track of your logins and passwords.

If you've ever found yourself digging through your email to find the exact website you need to get information from, or looked everywhere for a password, you'll love SiteReminderPro. Easily keep track of all the logins to sites you visit. No more scribbling passwords on Post-It notes!

SiteReminderPro is safe, simple and easy-to-use! You'll be up-and-running in minutes.



Software Solutions For Maximum ProductivityTurbo Typer

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Turbo Typer Time Saver allows you to create tiny "snippets" or chunks of text and paste these into your software applications.

If you've ever found yourself typing the same exact information over-and-over, you could be saving time by using Turbo Typer Time Saver.

Turbo Typer works with any software program on your computer. You can use it with your email program, your word processor, even inside your web browser!

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checklist software for tracking goals and daily events! - Software Solutions For Maximum Productivity

CheckList Pro

ChecklistPro is a simple to-do program that lets you track all the important things you need to get done in your life.
If you've ever found yourself forgetting what you need to do next, you'll love ChecklistPro.
ChecklistPro is safe, simple and easy-to-use! You'll be up-and-running before you know it.




Software Solutions For Maximum Productivity

The Educated Palate - Coming soon

This software program is designed as a place to keep all of your recipes. It will contain cooking tips and substitution ideas to help you prepare the best meal. Coming soon!





Coming Soon

  • AffiliateStealthPro 1.0. Did you know that there are some folks that refuse to click on an affiliate link? It's true! Or they will copy-and-paste part of the URL and you'll miss out on your commission. Frustrating, right?
    AffiliateStealthPro offers a solution. People won't be able to sneak past you ever again. Here's how it works: You fire up the application and paste in your affiliate link. It gets to work generating a framed webpage that includes your affiliate link. You upload the page to your webserver. Now when someone clicks on your link, they'll end up on the merchant's webpage, never knowing they actually clicked on your affiliate link!
    This application is a great sale for anyone pushing any kind of affiliate products. Nobody wants to work to make a commission and see 100% of the profit go to the merchant! It's painful! This means that hundreds of thousands of people who are online promoting other folks' products and services can use this product.


  • QuickResponsePro 1.0. This program is all about saving your wrists from typing the same thing over-and-over. (That and your sanity!) If you ever find yourself repeatedly typing the same thing, you need QuickResponsePro.
    For instance, if you find yourself answering a similar support request through email, stop typing, fire up QuickResponsePro and let it do the hard work for you!
    Type up your message (it can be as short or as long as you'd like) in QuickResponsePro. Click save. Now, anytime you need that message, click on it in QuickResponsePro and now can instantly paste your message into an email, a Word document or any program on your computer!
    QuickResponsePro allows you to put in an unlimited number of "text snippets" that you can call up and use at any time. You can add, update or delete snippets in one easy click.
    This application is great for anyone using a computer. Often, folks will take the hard way out and do repetitive actions because they aren't sure how to do it better. QuickResponsePro will save them loads of time every single day.


  • Competition WatcherPro 1.0. If you want an advantage over your competition, you need to know when they update their website. Now you don't need to visit them on a daily basis to check. Now you have CompetitionWatcherPro to do the work for you!
    It's simple enough to use. Start up CompetitionWatcherPro and plug in as many URLs as you'd like. It will go to work monitoring those webpages and when it detects a change, it will alert you.
    Adding, updating and deleting sites that CompetitionWatcherPro monitors is a one-click operation. Set it and forget it. When the application notices that your competiton has updated their webpage in some way, it will alert you and you can instantly see what your competition is up to.
    This application is great for anyone doing business online. Everyone in business has competitors. And because competition is fierce online, every edge you can get counts. CompetitionWatcherPro gives you that edge.



We are proud to be associated with these fine businesses

  • Constant Contact.
    This is an inexpensive yet powerful customer relationship management program. We like to use this program to create html & text newsletters that are individually addressed to the people on your list. Great program. Click here for more information and a 60 free trial

  • Resource Associates Corporation.
    Need training and development programs to deliver to your clients? These programs and processes are proven effective. Strategic planning, Leadership development, Management development, Sales process, and more.
    Click here to read more about these programs.

  • Target Training International.
    Profiles, Assessments, Seminars that you can deliver to your clients. Click here for more information about TTI.
    or visit their web site. Click here.

  • National Association of Personnel Services.
    Incredible resources for recruiters and staffing agencies. Click here.

  • Sorrell Associates - Strategic Planning Success
    Developmental programs, seminars, and training resources. Click here.

  • The Brooks Group.
    Sales management training - programs & seminars for sales managers. Click here.

  • Top Echelon Network.
    The leading split placement network of recruiters. Click here.

  • The Recruiting Lab.
    Building Business Programs For Recruiting Firm Owners. Click Here.

  • Institute of Management for Consultants USA.
    IMC USA is the premier professional association and sole certifying body dedicated to individuals consulting to management. Click here.

  • Coachville.
    The global coaching community. Click here.

  • Career Site Builder web page designer. Build your own web! Click here.

  • International Coach Federation.
    Excellence in professional coaching.  Click here.

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