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Free Newsletter Template - Customized Newsletter Service

Frequently Asked Questions


What newsletter format should I use?

  • E-Mail version (HTML format)
    If you are planning on sending an e-mail newsletter and like for the recipients to view this in the body of their e-mail, than this is the newsletter for you. No attachments to open.
    For best results use an internet based program like
    Constant Contact, Big Biller, AWebber, Intellicontact
    , etc...

  • PDF format for printing, mailing, and or e-mailing
    If you want to have the ability to print copies for mailing and/or for handouts after a speaking engagement than this is the newsletter for you. The PDF format also allows you to post your newsletter on your web site. It can also be e-mailed as an attachment or insert a link in your e-mail pointing to the newsletter on your web site. You can do this using your contact relationship manager program like Outlook, Act, Outlook Express, etc...

  • Both
    If you have a need for both formats we can do this too.

How long should my newsletter be in length?
Decide if you want an HTML e-newsletter, a two page, four page, or multiple pages newsletter.
I would suggest a four page PDF newsletter because this allows enough room for full articles instead of summarized articles, yet is short enough that your readers will enjoy. Two page newsletters are certainly more cost efficient when printing but limits you to fewer articles. Multiple page newsletters (over 4 pages) are good when only sending your newsletter quarterly or every-other month.
For HTML e-mail newsletters, we work on word count. I suggest keeping it under 1500 words. See our TurnKey E-Zine system.

Which option is best for me?
We can help you choose an option by finding out how much of the newsletter you want to create. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

  • Bronze format - you receive a boiler plate newsletter that is formatted, including content and graphics. You will have the ability to add or delete content and include your contact information.

  • Silver format - Every issue will be customized with your company name, the name you would like for your newsletter, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, logo, and motto / slogan. You will receive an original personalized "camera or e-mail ready" newsletter complete with content via e-mail.  We will add your article, calendar of events, photo, logo, company bio, candidates of the month, no additional charge. This is our most popular newsletter format.

  • Gold format - Includes everything in the standard package plus you will have an opportunity to choose some of the articles you would like in each issue from our content. We will give you a link to articles so you can decide which articles you would like in each issue. After you choose the articles we put your newsletter completely together including, format, layout, graphics, and articles.

  • Platinum format - you send us your articles, choose from ours, or have us get copyright approval for an article that you like and we do the rest. We then take all the content, do the formatting, graphics, contact information, logo, etc... and send your completed newsletter to you. We will add some of our articles if you do not have enough information to fulfill an entire newsletter.

  • NEW Titanium format - This option gives you everything the platinum option gives you plus a template designed to your specifications from scratch, the ability to have us get copyright permission from authors you like, send us your article and have our team edit it for you, and suggest articles that you want in each issue.

All newsletter options include content, formatting, set up, and graphics.
Click Here for detailed option descriptions. (If you are unsure of which option is best for you, please call me direct at 740-824-4842).

Can I change options after I start?
YES. If you decide that you would like to change to a different option, no problem Change anytime.

Who should I send my newsletters to?
Distribute your newsletter to your customers, clients, friends, prospects, colleagues, etc...

Will you include my logo in each newsletter?
YES! Send you logo to us in a jpeg or bitmap format and we will include it in every issue.

How do I paste my logo on the newsletter myself?
To paste your logo, place the cursor near the area you want to put your logo and click so the cursor is ‘blinking’ on the area. Select ‘Insert’ from the menu at the top of the screen and click on picture. Select the location of your logo (Clip Art or From File), highlight the logo filename and select Insert. Once your logo is inserted, you may need to format it for a better look. To accomplish this, click on your logo to highlight it, then ‘right-click’ your mouse and select ‘Format Picture’ from the pop-up menu. The pop-up window provides you with the means of changing the picture size, style, layout, etc. to customize the logo for your newsletter.

How do I email my newsletter?
First you must convert your newsletter in to portable document format or PDF. In order to convert you will need to buy Adobe Acrobat Writer or a similar type of PDF program. You can also access the internet to see if there are any free trial writers or to see if you can purchase one online. After you convert your newsletter you can send it as a PDF attachment. See the tips on emailing your newsletter in the customized newsletter instructions. Always use the "BCC" Blind Carbon Copy when sending to a group of email recipients.

Never email your newsletter in MSWord. It is much too big of a file and will upset your recipients because of how long it takes to download.

How do I post my newsletter on my web site?
Convert to PDF format and post. Talk with your web master to find out the best way to post the newsletter on your web site. Never post your newsletter in MSWord on your web site. (Actually your copyright privileges do not allow for you to do this due to the copyright infringement challenges that are current happening on line).

What is the best way to send out my newsletter?
Currently we have done and are doing research on the best method of sending your newsletter. So far we have found that printing and mailing is getting the best results. However this is more costly than emailing. We suggest you do both (to different people) and track your results.

Can I change any areas in my newsletter?
All areas in the newsletter template are accessible using MSWord software. You are not authorized to modify any of the copyrighted articles and/or material. However, you may replace an article with one you have written or received copyright permission. You may also delete or replace the clipart included in your newsletter templates.

Note: Unless you are very experienced with MSWord software, we do not recommend editing any areas except for those identified in [[Red]]. You may un-knowingly change the newsletter format and require additional assistance. If you experience problems, you can always exit or close the file (without saving) and start over with the same template. Closing the file without saving it first will result in losing all changes that you completed.

Do I have to charge $97 for the subscription?
The price in the subscription box is provided as a marketing tool to demonstrate the value of the newsletter. You may charge prospects or clients for the newsletter, but we don’t recommend it. The concept is to provide the newsletter as a ‘Complimentary’ or ‘Free’ issue to market your company, not necessarily to make a profit from the newsletter itself. You can also include the newsletter as part of your contracts. When you contract to provide products/services with a client, include twelve ‘Free’ issues of your newsletter as part of the contract price. Once again showing value to the customer.

When I open a template the 4 page newsletter shows 5, 6, and/or up to 7 pages with many pages only partially full. Why is this happening and how do I fix the problem?
Each operating system works a little different. In most cases the reason this happens is because the graphics have move a little causing the columns to shift. You can fix this by starting with page one and the graphic in the middle. Move in down a little and see if this fixes the problem. Then check the bottom of each page to see if it has spilled in to the next page. Delete any extra spaces and this should be everything back in to place.

How do I open templates using a MAC system?
Call our Home office for assistance at 740-824-4842.

What if I find a spelling or grammatical error in my newsletter?
These newsletters have been through several proofing sessions but occasionally we miss some mistakes. Please feel free to make the needed changes in punctuation, spelling, and/or grammar for your newsletter.

How large can my email list be?
There is no limit. You are completely in control of who, when, and how many people you send your newsletter to either by email or US mail each month.

What program do I use to edit my newsletter?
You will need to have MSWord to edit or change the newsletters.

Can I change the layout of my newsletter?
Yes, you can change the appearance and positioning of graphics, articles, or format. This is not supported by the home office so please be very computer savvy before trying to make these kinds of changes.

Do I have to get copyright permission myself?
NO. We work with authors and copyright holders to get permission for the articles we don't write. You don't have to do any of this.

What if I don't like an article that you have put into my newsletter?
Just let us know. We will change any articles that you don't like without any additional charges.

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