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Client Comments

Our Executive Search company has been sending enewsletters for over a year now and we've gotten great feedback on them.
We hired Gary at to create our newsletters each month.
They have allowed us to "touch" candidates regularly and they have definately generated business.

Linda Noland, Stone & Associates Executive Search

Thanks Gene,
I continue to receive compliments every month.

Carl Nielson, CPBA, CPVA, TriMetrix certified, Managing Principal.
The Nielson Group

My experience with Gary Sorrell's newsletter has been one of the cornerstones of my marketing over the years. Today, as I enjoy a very successful business flourish I do not actively market any longer except for my newsletter from Gary.

People don't buy when you need a sale, they buy when they are ready. My newsletter puts me in front of them every month. When they are ready who will they call? The person that has consistently made contact.

I got one coaching client who said he had read the newsletter for five years and decided now was the time to enter coaching. I have coached him for four years at $18,000 a year, two of his sales people for another $10,000 and he is buying assessments for all employees regardless of the type of position. This is just one example. If I had never gotten one other client this one instance would have paid for the newsletter for over a hundred years. Do the math.

Thanks Gary and crew.
PS. They have never missed a delivery date in ten years.

Robert Alderman, President-CEO
Performance 2000 Inc.

This newsletter service is first rate. It's always on time and the letters are wonderfully put together. There is a great mix of columns and content that clients enjoy.

One employee of a client left the client and a year later contacted me with a referral and said how much he missed not receiving the letter. I am not sure I can trace any business to the letter but I know it worked to keep my company in the forefront of their thinking and likely prompted them to keep using my services.

John Mathis President/Owner
Keyline Company, Inc.


Sorrell Associates Customized Newsletter, Blog, & Marketing Services Since 1995

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Emotionally Fueled Behavior Affects Working Relationships

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Employee Management Techniques

Addressing 'Un-engaged' Employees

What Are The Challenges To Managing Top Talent?

Visible Personal Accountability is Critical to the Creation of Business Success

Mentoring Your Staff / Employees

What are the best, most talented individuals looking for when they start looking for another job?

The Spirit Of Leadership

Coaching Top Talent For Successful Growth

Are You And Your Company Prepared To Handle A Crisis?

Three Essential Steps To Take When Attempting To Blend Generations.

Optimizing Potential - from our client Diane Brown

Retaining Top Talent

Are You Onboard the Economic Optimism Train?

Retirement and The Lost Workforce

Developing Your Leadership Bench

Identifying the Best Talent for Your Company

Top 10 Reasons To Have A Newsletter Created For Your Business

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Since 1995, Sorrell Associates has been producing proven effective customized newsletters, blogs, and marketing programs.  We offer these powerful marketing products/services in order to help you achieve your dreams and goals through an effective proven communications tool. Contact us today to see how we can put your marketing on auto pilot. 740-824-4842.

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Sorrell Associates Customized Newsletter, Blog, & Marketing Service

One of the most efficient and effective ways to communicate with customers, prospects, and employees is to share information via a newsletter. Effective communication is critical in relationships and vital to success. With a compelling newsletter, you will likely have more opportunities for exposure and increased business.

Since 1995, Sorrell Associates has been producing proven effective customized newsletters.  We offer this powerful marketing product in order to help you achieve your dreams and goals through an effective proven communications tool. 

The cost of our newsletter service is exceptionally low, while at the same time providing professional quality and content. We provide the highest value content anywhere! Your prospects, clients, associates, family, and friends will enjoy reading your newsletter and in fact will start looking forward to your next issue.

You have multiple options to choose from in using our newsletter service. You decide how much we can help you. Whether you want an e-mail format, a two page, four page, ten page or any size newsletter... whether you want to send us all the articles for your newsletter or none of the articles and you want us to supply all the articles for your newsletter... whether you want to add your information (newsletter name, contact info, etc...), or you want your newsletter to arrive completely done... Our customized newsletter service can help you save time, money, and market your company effectively. Your newsletter will arrive via e-mail monthly ready for you to distribute.  You receive the original in PDF, HTML, or MSWord format and can print, send electronically, or post on your web site.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Read our guarantee by clicking here.

At Sorrell Associates Customized Newsletter Service we are committed, dedicated, and focused on bringing you the best customized newsletter for your business at the best value for you.

As a matter of fact, you won't have to pay us anything before your first issue is complete and approved by you.

With nothing to loose and everything to gain...give us a try today!

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Setting The Pace As The Leader In Customized Newsletters!

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Sorrell Associates, LLC
Training, Development, Marketing, and Consulting Services

Sorrell Associates, LLC is a company dedicated to the development of people and maximizing human resources.  Our mission is to improve the performance of our clients, and help them reach their potential.  To do so, we find that clients today want programs and processes that are tailored to their needs, their situations, their people, and their industries.  Therefore, all of our programs have been produced with a great span of flexibility.  This flexibility allows us to customize our services to meet the needs of each client and speak to his or her unique situation.

Our programs, processes, and services are cost-effective, results-oriented, and designed to achieve a high return on investment ratio.  The results we achieve are measurable, documented, and ongoing.  Many programs include scheduled follow-ups that extend over a twelve-month period, which is very attractive to our clients, and keeps us actively involved with long-term client relationships.  Our outstanding programs and processes, coupled with highly-trained and skilled professionals, provide us with a position in the marketplace that has taken years to develop.  In the training and development field, we present one of the most complete portfolios of proven and meaningful services in the people development area.

Gary Sorrell
President of Sorrell AssociatesGary Sorrell - President of Sorrell Associates. Customized company newsletter, blog, and marketing services, LLC

Gary has provided Consulting Services to companies nationwide at all levels of the organization from executives, managers, supervisors, sales managers, to front line staff.  Gary is a four time Chief Executive Officer and possesses over 25 years of experience in newsletter service, marketing, sales, hospitality, production, human resources, and customer service.  Gary has multiple years of experience in behavioral profiling and assessments, strategic planning, marketing, management development, leadership development, team building, sales development, communications, customer service, managing for success, pre-employment assessments, and continuous quality improvement.  He is the president of Sorrell Associates with two (2) office's across the US. (Warsaw, OH & Oklahoma City, OK.)

Gary has extensive background in working with companies and non-profit organizations in a variety of capacities from strategic planning to customer service.  He also received the honor of recognition for employer of the year from the Akron, Ohio MRDD. 

Gary has the education, background, expertise, skills, and processes necessary to assist companies in accomplishing their short and long-term goals, therefore positively impacting their bottom line for sustained future results and business longevity.

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    This is an inexpensive yet powerful customer relationship management program. We like to use this program to create html & text newsletters that are individually addressed to the people on your list. Great program. Click here for more information and a 60 free trial

  • Success Insights & Target Training International.
    Profiles, Assessments, Seminars that you can deliver to your clients.
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    Profiles, Assessments, Seminars that you can deliver to your clients. Click here for more information about TTI.  or visit their web site. Click here.

  • National Association of Personnel Services. 
    Incredible resources for recruiters and staffing agencies. Click here.

  • Sorrell Associates - Strategic Planning Success
    Developmental programs, seminars, profiles / assessments, and training resources. Click here.

  • California Staffing Professionals.
    The California Staffing Professionals (CSP) is a non-profit membership organization which provides products and services to its members within the staffing services industry.

  • The Recruiting Lab.
    Building Business Programs For Recruiting Firm Owners. Click Here.

  • Institute of Management for Consultants USA.
    IMC USA is the premier professional association and sole certifying body dedicated to individuals consulting to management. Click here.

  • Coachville.
    The global coaching community. Click here.

  • The Brooks Group.
    Sales management training - programs & seminars for sales managers. Click here.
    The Brooks Group

  • Resource Associates Corporation.
    Need training and development programs to deliver to your clients? These programs and processes are proven effective. Strategic planning, Leadership development, Management development, Sales process, and more.
    Click here to read more about these programs.

  • Top EchelonTop Echelon Network.
    The leading split placement network of recruiters. Click here.

  • International Coach Federation.
    Excellence in professional coaching.  Click here.

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Setting The Pace As The Leader In Customized Newsletters, Blogs, and Marketing Services!
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