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Client Comments

Our Executive Search company has been sending e-newsletters for over a year now and we've gotten great feedback on them.
We hired Gary at to create our newsletters each month.
They have allowed us to "touch" candidates regularly and they have definately generated business.

Linda Noland, Stone & Associates Executive Search

My experience with Gary Sorrell's newsletter has been one of the cornerstones of my marketing over the years. Today, as I enjoy a very successful business flourish I do not actively market any longer except for my newsletter from Gary.

People don't buy when you need a sale, they buy when they are ready. My newsletter puts me in front of them every month. When they are ready who will they call? The person that has consistently made contact.

I got one coaching client who said he had read the newsletter for five years and decided now was the time to enter coaching. I have coached him for four years at $18,000 a year, two of his sales people for another $10,000 and he is buying assessments for all employees regardless of the type of position. This is just one example. If I had never gotten one other client this one instance would have paid for the newsletter for over a hundred years. Do the math.

Thanks Gary and crew.
PS. They have never missed a delivery date in ten years.

Robert Alderman, President-CEO
Performance 2000 Inc.

This newsletter service is first rate. It's always on time and the letters are wonderfully put together. There is a great mix of columns and content that clients enjoy.

One employee of a client left the client and a year later contacted me with a referral and said how much he missed not receiving the letter. I am not sure I can trace any business to the letter but I know it worked to keep my company in the forefront of their thinking and likely prompted them to keep using my services.

John Mathis President/Owner
Keyline Company, Inc.

Sorrell Associates Customized Branding Solutions Since 1995

Newsletter Samples - Templates
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Free Newsletter Template & Design

These are samples of actual client newsletters, different formats, free newsletter templates, and examples of how we can customize a newsletter for you. Our customized newsletter service includes a free newsletter template, content, set up, formatting, design, graphics, and with our turn-key service, delivery too.

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Another reason why we are
"The Most Trusted Name In Newsletters"

The newest (most recent) newsletters are listed at the top of this list.

Click on the newsletter names below to view the newsletter.

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New Format Samples - For sending via Outlook, Gmail, or other email system. Our least expensive option. Click Here

Sample 86 Driscoll Learning Systems (Vol 17 Issue 3 / Platinum 4-Page PDF Format)

Sample 85 L5 Consulting (Link from their website - September issue)

Sample 84 Bovo-Tighe-For-Business (Gold 4-Page PDF Format)

Sample 83 InnerActive Consulting Group (Gold PDF Format)Attorney / Legal Newsletters

Sample 82 Murray Associates (Gold PDF Format)

Sample 81 Embellished Images by CSDI (Platinum HTML Format)

Sample 80 Leading With Purpose (Gold 4-Page PDF Format)

Sample 79 Bronx North News Sample (Gold 6-Page PDF Format)

Sample 78 Legal Shred (Gold HTML Format)

Sample 77 Your Trusted Advisor - Adams Miller LLP (Platinum 4-Page PDF Format)

Sample 76 Strategic Beacon (Gold 4-Page PDF Format)

Sample 75 The Logista Vol 2 Issue 2 (Gold 2-Page PDF Format)

Sample 74 Domino Plastics MFG - June (Platinum HTML Format)Consultant newsletters

Sample 73 Blueprint LEADERSHIP briefing (Platinum HTML Format)

Sample 72 The IFA Acquisitions Journal - Issue 9 (Platinum HTML Format)

Sample 71 Concord GRN Newsletter - Issue 6 (Gold HTML Format)

Sample 70 BancSearch, Inc Newsletter (Gold PDF Format)

Sample 69 Your Next Exec (Gold HTML Format)Recruiter newsletters & blogs

Sample 68 InnerActive Insights Vol 12, Issue 1 (Gold PDF Format)

Sample 67 Achieve Success (Gold HTML Format)

Sample 66 Michael Wasserman & Associates (Platinum HTML Format)

Sample 65 The McNeill Group (Platinum HTML Format)

Sample 64 Runnion Equipment Company (HTML Format)

Sample 63 Blueprint Leadership (PDF Format)Free newsletter template, customized newsletter service

Sample 62 General Consumer Newsletter (HTML Format)

Sample 61 Institute of Management Consultants (Platinum PDF Format)

Sample 60 Specialized Staffing News (2-Page PDF Format)

Specialized Staffing News #2

Sample 59 The Job Hunt (HTML Format)

Sample 58 US Aluminum Castings (HTML Format)

Sample 57 Turrisi Insights (HTML Format)Professional Coach newsletters

Sample 56 Power2Transform (HTML Format)

Sample 55 Power2Transform (HTML Format - articles)

Sample 54 Employee Performance Tips (HTML or EMail Format)

Sample 53 IMC Connector (PDF Format)

Sample 52 Runnion Equipment Company (HTML Format)customized newsletter service

Sample 51 Mind Set (HTML Format)

Sample 50 Team Intelligence (PDF Format)

Sample 49 The Excellerator (HTML Format)

Sample 48 Focus Insights  (PDF Format)newsletter service

Sample 47 Above & Beyond (HTML Format)

Sample 46 The Right Staff (2-Page PDF Format)

Sample 45 Keyline Marketplace (PDF Format)

Sample 44 In The Black (HTML Format)

Sample 43 Career Choice (HTML Format)

Sample 42 Profit From Potential (PDF Format)Auto dealer newsletters

Sample 41 Midway Chevy (PDF Format)

Sample 40 United Medical Group Report (HTML Format)

Sample 39 GE/T International (HTML Format)

Sample 38 PeopleWise - Issue 2 (HTML Format)

Sample 37 NAPS HTML (HTML Format)Free newsletter templates

Sample 36 The Marketplace Edge Vol 7 (PDF Format)

Sample 35 Rooney Landscaping Newsletter (HTML Format)

Sample 34 The Lodestar Vol. 7 (PDF Format)

Sample 33 Mosaic - Issue 2 (HTML Format)

Sample 32 Profit From Potential -  (PDF Format)

Sample 31 Unlimited MedSearch News - (HTML Version)  (PDF Format click here)Articles & Content Provided

Sample 30 Nanny & Family Newsletter - (PDF Format)

Sample 29 Mosaic Advantage - (HTML Version)

Sample 28 MSG Law Firm Fall -(4-page PDF Format)

Sample 27 Getting Results Issue 4 - (PDF Format)/font>

Sample 26  Fundamental Focus - Vol. 6 Issue 3  (PDF Format)Boiler plate newsletters

Sample 25  Elite Advisory - February (HTML Version)

Sample 24  Elite Advisory - January (HTML Version)

Sample 23  Balance Resources - Issue 7 (HTML Version)

Sample 22  Balance Resources - Issue 6 (HTML Version)

Sample 21  US Customs & Border Protection - Manager's E-Tips
                                               (4-page PDF Format)

Sample 20  The Source Vol 1, Issue 1 (2-page PDF Format)Voted #1 newsletter service

Sample 19  Improving Results Vol 1, Issue 1 (2-page PDF Format)

Sample 18  Insights For Achievement Vol 2, Issue 2 (4-page PDF Format)

Sample 17  Bovo-Tighe For Business Vol 4 Issue 6 (4-page PDF Format)

Sample 16  The Edge Vol. 4 (2-page PDF Format)

Sample 15  The Compass Vol. 1 (2-page PDF Format)Free newsletter template

Sample 14  The Right Staff Review (2-page PDF Format)

Sample 13  BancSearch Vol. 1 (4-page PDF Format)

Sample 12  NAPS Sample - Issue 23  (5-page PDF Format)

Sample 11  Strategic Search Solutions HTML

Sample 10  HTML Format

Sample 9  TTI Marketplace Sample (4-page PDF Format)Newsletter samples

Sample 8  TTI Update Sample (4-page PDF Format)

Sample 7  NAPS Sample - September
(4-page PDF Format)

Sample 6  NAPS Sample - August (7-page PDF Format)

Sample 5   NAPS Sample - January (4-page PDF Format)

Sample 4   The Coachs Edge  - (4-page PDF Format)newsletters for any industry

Sample 3  Newsletter Template
This is a 4-page basic "bronze" format with arrows on how to customize each issue. PDF Format)

Sample 2  2 Page Newsletter Sample
-page PDF with arrows on how we can customize it for you)

Sample 1   Newsletter Sample Issue 22 
(4-page PDF with arrows on how we can customize it for you)


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Sample 1

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Sample 3

Sample 4

Sample 5

Sample 6



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Here are Twelve Free Newsletter Templates

One of the most challenging parts of creating (consistently) a newsletter marketing campaign for your business is having great content. We can help. We have thousands of articles in our database and access to over 300 writers in multiple industries. Let us help you market your company with proven successful content and design.

1. Free Newsletter Template Sample

2. Free Newsletter Template Sample

3. Free Newsletter Template Sample

4. Free Newsletter Template Sample

5. Free Newsletter Template Sample

6. Free Newsletter Template Sample

7. Free Newsletter Template Sample

8. Free Newsletter Template Sample

9. Free Newsletter Template Sample

10. Free Newsletter Template Sample

11. Free Newsletter Template Sample

12. Free Newsletter Template Sample

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Turn-Key E-Newsletter Service

"Turn-Key E-Newsletter Service"

Each part of a newsletter is a time-consuming task that takes dedication and commitment. Writing, designing, formatting, setting up the links, getting copyright permission, and delivering it to your prospects and clients is just the beginning. Plus you need to stay on top of the many changes in internet marketing strategies and best practices. These are just some the reasons why many people either don't have a newsletter for their business or created one a quit. Yet their competitors are marketing and gaining an edge. Don't let this happen to you.

Consistent communications with your prospects and clients is a must for business growth...and it has never been easier!

Now you can have us do all of it for you saving you a lot of time and effort.

Imagine having your marketing put on auto-pilot!

Now you can have an e-newsletter designed, written, created, and delivered for your company without any of the work!

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