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Client Comments

Our Executive Search company has been sending enewsletters for over a year now and we've gotten great feedback on them.
We hired Gary at Newsletterville.com to create our newsletters each month.
They have allowed us to "touch" candidates regularly and they have definitely generated business.

Linda Noland, Stone & Associates Executive Search

My experience with Gary Sorrell's newsletter has been one of the cornerstones of my marketing over the years. Today, as I enjoy a very successful business flourish I do not actively market any longer except for my newsletter from Gary.

People don't buy when you need a sale, they buy when they are ready. My newsletter puts me in front of them every month. When they are ready who will they call? The person that has consistently made contact.

I got one coaching client who said he had read the newsletter for five years and decided now was the time to enter coaching. I have coached him for four years at $18,000 a year, two of his sales people for another $10,000 and he is buying assessments for all employees regardless of the type of position. This is just one example. If I had never gotten one other client this one instance would have paid for the newsletter for over a hundred years. Do the math.

Thanks Gary and crew.
PS. They have never missed a delivery date in ten years.

Robert Alderman, President-CEO
Performance 2000 Inc.



Sorrell Associates Customized Newsletter, Blog, and Marketing Service

 TTI Value Added Associates special offer on our customized newsletter serviceSince 1995 fellow TTI Success Insights Value Added Associates have been using our customized newsletter, blog, & marketing service. Many of our clients (Value Added Associates) are a part of the Chairman's Club, President's Club, the Lifetime Achievement Award recipients, the Bill Brooks Impact Award winner, and/or have been awarded Consultant of the Year. We are the only company that Bill Bonnstetter has allowed to display information (about our services) at their conferences. Our services have helped TTI Value Added Associates stay in contact with their clients & prospects on a consistent basis, provide content that is valuable to their target audience, and to put their marketing on auto-pilot to sell more profiles, assessments, & trainings!

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When selling products and services, you MUST be in consistent and frequent contact with your current customers, clients, and prospects. This is known as "Building Your Fence." Your fence is designed to keep your clients and customers "IN" and the competition "OUT"!Dan Kennedy's NO BS Marketing

In the book, No B.S. Direct Marketing, author and marketing genius Dan Kennedy says: "My single biggest recommendation is the use of a monthly customer newsletter. Nothing, and I mean nothing, maintains your fence better."

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Well the time is now. Take advantage of the TTI special offer today!

And start selling more assessments now.

“Imagine having a newsletter for your company…
without writing it yourself”

What could you accomplish with the extra “sales, consulting, coaching, assessing” time on your hands?

At Sorrell Associates Customized Newsletter Service we are committed, dedicated, and focused on bringing you the best customized newsletter for your business at the best value for you.

Target Training International, profiles, assessments, customized newsletters for distributorsTTI and Sorrell Associates have worked together to bring you an incredible discount.

Please mention that you are a TTI Value Added Associate when signing up in order to receive the 25% discount shown below.

One of the most efficient and effective ways to communicate with customers, prospects, clients, candidates, associates, and employees is to share information via a newsletter. Effective communication is critical in relationships and vital to success. With a compelling newsletter, you will likely have more opportunities for exposure and increased business.

The cost of our newsletter service is exceptionally low, while at the same time providing professional quality and content. We provide the highest value content anywhere! Your prospects, clients, candidates, associates, family, and friends will enjoy reading your newsletter and in fact will start looking forward to your next issue.TTI special offer on our customized newsletter service

3 easy steps to have a newsletter created for you!


Step 1: Decide how you want to distribute your newsletter.

E-Newsletter: delivered via E-mail - html format. This is also referred to as an e-zine or e-mail newsletter.. The newsletter is in the body of an email message.

PDF or MSWord Version:  Ready to print yourself, to post on your web site, or send as an email attachment. PDF format.

Step 2: Next choose a format based on your wants and needs.  All of our newsletters include content, graphics and formatting.

  • Bronze format - you receive a boiler plate template newsletter in MSWord that is formatted, including content and graphics. You will have the ability to add or delete content and include your contact information.

Bronze Samples:

MSWord format:      * 2 page click here     ** 4 page click here

*** HTML format click here

Bronze Pricing:
* 2-page bronze newsletter: only $107 per issue.  (
*or $87)
** 4-page bronze newsletter: only $157 per issue. (
*or $137)
*** HTML bronze newsletter: only $140 per issue. (
*or $120)

* Pre-pay for 12 issues and take an additional $20 off per issue - that's an extra savings of $240 per year.

  • Silver format - Every issue will be customized with your company name, the name you would like for your newsletter, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, logo, and motto / slogan. You will receive an original personalized "camera or e-mail ready" newsletter complete with content via e-mail.  We will add your article, calendar of events, photo, logo, company bio, candidates of the month, etc...at no additional charge. This is our most popular newsletter format.

Silver Samples:

MSWord format:      * 2 page click here     * 4 page click here

Silver HTML Sample Click Here

Silver Pricing:
* 2-page silver newsletter: only $127 per issue.  (*or $107)
** 4-page silver newsletter: only $187 per issue. (*or $167)
*** HTML silver newsletter: only $150 per issue. (*or $130)

* Pre-pay for 12 issues and take an additional $20 off per issue - that's an extra savings of $240 per year.

  • Gold format - Includes everything in the standard package plus you will have an opportunity to choose some of the articles you would like in each issue from our content. We will give you a link to articles so you can decide which articles you would like in each issue. After you choose the articles we put your newsletter completely together including, format, layout, graphics, and articles.

Gold Samples:

MSWord format:      * 2 page click here     * 4 page click here

Gold HTML Sample Click Here

Gold Pricing:
 * 2-page gold newsletter: only $147 per issue.  (*or $127)
 ** 4-page
gold newsletter: only $207 per issue. (*or $187)
*** HTML
gold newsletter: only $170 per issue. (*or $150)

* Pre-pay for 12 issues and take an additional $20 off per issue - that's an extra savings of $240 per year.

  • Platinum format - you send us your articles, choose from ours, or have us get copyright approval for an article that you like and we do the rest. We then take all the content, do the formatting, graphics, contact information, logo, etc... and send your completed newsletter to you. We will add some of our articles if you do not have enough information to fulfill an entire newsletter.

Platinum Samples:

MSWord format:      * 2 page click here     * 4 page click here

Platinum HTML Sample Click Here

Platinum Pricing:
* 2-page platinum newsletter: only $167 per issue.  (*or $147)
** 4-page platinum newsletter: only $227 per issue. (*or $207)
*** HTML platinum newsletter: only $195 per issue. (*or $175)

* Pre-pay for 12 issues and take an additional $20 off per issue - that's an extra savings of $240 per year.

  • NEW Titanium format: All the benefits of the platinum, plus you receive a custom designed template, you can send us article suggestions to research, write, re-write, and/or get copyright permission to use for your newsletters, and we can use your existing e-mail program for delivery. Special reports and case studies also included if needed.

    Titanium Samples:

    MSWord format:      * 2 page click here     * 4 page click here

    Titanium HTML Sample Click Here

    Titanium Pricing:
    * 2-page titanium newsletter: only $267 per issue.  (*or $247)
    ** 4-page titanium newsletter: only $327 per issue. (*or $307)
    *** HTML titanium newsletter: only $295 per issue. (*or $275)

    * Pre-pay for 12 issues and take an additional $20 off per issue - that's an extra savings of $240 per year.

  • Not sure which format is right for you? Call me direct for help deciding the best option for your business. - 740-824-4842.

 Step 3: Fill out the sign up form and e-mail it back to me.

Click on this link for the sign up form. Fill it out, and email it back to me. Also, e-mail your logo, bio, picture, or any other information you would like in your first issue. Please send pictures in either a Jpeg or Bitmap format. We will contact you once we receive your sign up form.

Start right now. Click here for our sign up form.

That's it! Start enjoying the positive feedback and follow up for business.


Backed By A 100% Money Back Guarantee!
What else can we say... If you are not completely satisfied with your customized newsletter, we will fix it, replace it, or not charge you one cent...Period!
As a matter of fact, you won't have to pay us anything before your first issue is complete and approved by you.

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You will need to have an internet based customer relationship management program for the e-mail (HTML) format newsletters. We recommend Constant Contact and there is a free 60 day trial.  Click here for the Constant Contact 60 day free trial


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All in one marketing system - newsletters, blogs, social media, seo, branding

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Setting The Pace As The Leader In Customized Newsletters!

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